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Omnia Leather

"Lectra has helped our company tremendously over the years. Without Lectra, we would not be able to have the output that we have today, the speed of getting product out in the leather-cutting department, and especially not have the leather savings."

Omnia leathers

Omnia Leather was born from the ambitious imagination of two Italian immigrants, Salvatore Zolferino and Emilio Nastri. After 30 years in the upholstery business, they decided they wanted to create their own American dream. In 1989, they founded Omnia Leather.

From its origins as a cut-and-sew operation offering six styles and employing one worker, Omnia has grown to become a full-line manufacturer with a 250-person team offering more than 300 styles to its growing customer base.


After Omnia decided to cut leather in-house, the company experimented with multiple manual cutting processes. However, manual cutting made it difficult to keep up with delivery times and efficiently produce the multitude of styles and configurations the company is known for. 


The combination of Versalis’ automated nesting software and its highly precise cutting ensures that Omnia gets the most value from each hide. Using Versalis has enabled Omnia to improve hide yield by 4%. It has also allowed the company to triple productivity with fewer people.

Vilmers customer story

Versalis has saved us many labor dollars because there is less material handling of leather hides, heavy patterns. It also adds a safety feature to the factory. It has been a great asset to Omnia.

Peter Zolferino



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