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Digital leather cutting solution

Versalis: increase the speed and precision of your cutting room 


What is Lectra’s Versalis leather cutting solution and how does it enable furniture manufacturers to boost productivity and increase hide savings?

Versalis is the latest generation of CAD/CAM systems in an all-in-one integrated cutting line for furniture leather. Developed with the input of furniture manufacturers, the advanced digital cutting system is designed to optimize leather consumption while maximizing overall cutting room performance. The end-to-end solution for furniture manufacturing covers every stage in the leather cutting process—from work order preparation to the unloading of cut parts ready for sewing and assembly. With greater agility and control to manage the end-to-end process, manufacturers can optimize production and control costs to drive up quality and profitability.

Why are upholstered furniture manufacturers choosing Versalis automated leather-cutting equipment?

Lectra’s Versalis leather cutting solution provides manufacturers with superior productivity, improved yield and enhanced cutting quality. Fitted with more than 250 sensors that monitor performance in real time and predict malfunction, Versalis delivers up to 98% uptime. What’s more, by analyzing cutting line performance, Lectra’s experts can draw on the power of data intelligence to shorten your payback period while optimizing return on investment.

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