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Capitalize on expertise to unleash productivity and profitability in leather furniture production

Working with a leather-cutting solution provider with leather expertise may seem like a nice-to-have. Read on to find out why it's actually a must-have. 

Working with a solutions provider with proven leather expertise is especially important when working in the increasingly competitive furniture industry

As a result, leather furniture manufacturers are embracing digital technology and expert guidance to improve productivity, leather consumption, quality and labor costs :

  • Ekornes increased hide marking efficiency using augmented reality technology 
  • Trayton increased cutting efficiency by 2 percentage points with the help of leather experts 
  • Omnia Leather monitors hide consumptionevaluates production performance and ensures it gets the best value from its tanners using data intelligence

Why leather furniture expertise matters

Industry 4.0 solutions have already proven their value in the manufacturing industry. However, the advanced technology embedded in these solutions makes it more important than ever to find solution providers that are experts in their field, able to support you throughout the entire implementation and optimization process, and whose technology will take you into the future with ease.

When budgets are tight, it can be tempting to choose a supplier that offers a suitable product at the lowest cost. However, the benefits you gain from working with a supplier that brings a high level of industry knowledge and experience to the table are priceless. 

A knowledgeable supplier: 

  • Speaks your language: Experienced technology partners are familiar with the leather manufacturing process as well as industry regulatory requirements and current challenges. 
  • Imbues their technology with expertise: Technologies are only as good as their creators. 
  • Fills in the gaps in your workforce: The combination of automation and an expert solutions provider can help offset workforce shortages rampant in the leather industry. 


Increase availability, improve quality and ensure optimal performance 

Implementing solutions that integrate the latest advances in leather cutting technology are key in achieving the speed, quality and performance objectives that will boost a leather furniture company's market competitieness. Having a solution that enables you to track equipment conditions and productivity levels in real time will be the main driver of growth in productivity in smart factories. 

With an advanced cutting system that uses augmented reality nesting, you can take advantage of the skill of your workers while ensuring the consistent quality of your product. An automated process that provides a perfect balance between flaw identification, nesting, cutting and offloading also ensures an uninterrupted leather cutting process.


Stay competitive, now and in the future

Taking advantage of the powerful combination of digital technology –such as augmented reality, real-time data capture and equipment monitoring– and leather expertise can help you improve equipment availability, product quality and process performance and thus enable you to produce for less. 

Increasing and accelerating the adoption of technology is one of the best ways to maintain competitiveness by boosting productivity, keeping costs to a minimum and profits to a maximum. Specialist insight and advice can be the key to making sure that the equipment you select will help you solve business challenges and capitalize on market opportunities. 


The high cost of natural leather makes it crucial to optimize yield. To preserve margins in the face of unpredictable leather supply and the complexity of producing more and more customized pieces, furniture manufacturers must reduce their time to market. In addition, the current shortage of skilled workers and rising wages requires a reassessment of the use of manual processes or aging leather cutting equipment.

Read our e-guide: Leather furniture manufacturing: unleash productivity and profitability with digital expertise to explore how combining the latest digital leather-cutting technology and expert advice can be the key to boosting your competitive advantage.

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