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AWWG continues to leverage the digital transformation of its brands with Kubix Link

The global fashion group AWWG (All We Wear Group) is now using Lectra’s collaborative platform to facilitate the sharing of product data between different teams, enabling them to manage collections and production cycles more efficiently.

Lectra’s solutions make it easy to embrace digital transformation

With Kubix Link PLM, each of the Group’s brands, including all internal users and key suppliers engaged in the design and production process, are now able to share and centralize product information on one collaborative platform.

Kubix Link PLM acts as a single source of truth for all product data, allowing AWWG to gain 360° visibility into its production processes, to optimize collection management, and to simplify production cycles to minimize costs, meet sustainability standards, and accelerate time-to- market. 


AWWG is committed to digitalization as a key growth factor

AWWG aimed to drive a number of digital transformation initiatives to improve productivity and operational efficiency, and minimize its environmental impact. It was important for the company to find a PLM solution that would be adaptable to its three brands and internal processes, while continuing to comply with industry best practices.

With Lectra’s product lifecycle management platform, Kubix Link PLM, the company is now able to gain visibility into the entire design-and-production process and centralize product information from multiple sources using a single application. AWWG has already implemented the solution for Pepe Jeans London and plans to do the same for Hackett and Façonnable in the near future.
This new partnership will allow AWWG to advance with its digitalization strategy, in addition to the data-driven technology that the company is already using to simplify its processes for data analysis and to improve time management.


More about AWWG

AWWG incorporates the iconic brands Pepe Jeans London, Hackett, and Façonnable, and is also a distributor of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger in Spain and Portugal.

As a global fashion group, AWWG has more than 4,500 employees and a distribution network of over 500 stores worldwide. Sustainability is a strategic priority for the organisation, forming an integral part of its business operations and supply chain management activities.

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Why is AWWG using Kubix Link PLM to foster team collaboration?

To balance the competing demands of sustainability and profitability, AWWG is working hand-in-hand with its partners on ethical and transparent sourcing, and at the same time accelerating its product development to improve sales and product margins. Success in both endeavors depends on strong team collaboration and reliable data.

Kubix Link PLM promotes collaboration to assure information continuity across the logistics network, solving one of the fashion industry’s vast and varied supply chain problems: information fragmentation. By providing a centralized platform where product teams can share and access critical product information, as well as collaborate on product designs and workflows in real-time while tracking changes and updates made by other team members, Kubix Link PLM enables AWWG to achieve its business goals in a shorter time frame.

Additionally, since Kubix Link PLM is hosted on the cloud and connects with existing ERP software, it allows users to access updated product data from anywhere in the world. AWWG’s teams can now work together seamlessly across different departments and locations to make informed decisions and reduce errors at each phase of the product life cycle: creation, definition of technical specifications, cost estimates, marketing, etc.

Kubix Link is a unique and endlessly adaptable ecosystem of fashion PLM, PIM, DAM and more