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Kubix Link: our cloud based PXM solution (PLM, PIM, DAM)

Deliver the ultimate consumer experience via an ever-evolving and unique ecosystem of PLM, PIM, DAM and more.


While fragmented IT systems – and even more fragmented data – may work well individually, Kubix Link brings them together into one intuitive cloud-based platform turning collective data into actionable insights. As a unique ecosystem of PLM, PIM, DAM and more, it helps you redefine teamwork by connecting all internal and external actors from design to storefront for a Product Experience Management (PXM) that is compelling and consistent. This way, you can derive the most value out of your processes and product data to continually deliver the ultimate consumer experience.

Customer voice

"With Kubix Link we can have all the information about the products on a single platform, integrated with our ERP, and our collaborators can share files and technical specifications in real time."

Stefano Giacomelli

CEO, Tivoli Group



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