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Industry leading athleisure company relies on Lectra Kubix Link PLM to connect the dots from design to sales

With a sportswear industry booming, it is key for Fitness companies to digitalize, connect the dots to their supply chain to keep up with demand and thrive in an extremely competitive environment and uncertain world.

Identifying the challenges in product development process

Being disconnected from suppliers, double data entry, and extracting information from multiple software applications, an industry-leading fitness company realized they needed to change their methods in their product development process and adjust them quickly. Over the years it became difficult to manage all their systems and even harder to get full adoption across the supply and offer them the agility they need. This caused confusion and inefficiencies between both their suppliers and their product development team.


A solution for the entire design-to-sales process at your fingertips

From their product development and technical design teams, to their suppliers all around the world, one company needed a concise platform that integrated all their data into one place, with easy to use tracking of production ready products, from start to finish and to view updated entries in real-time. Therefore, they decided to integrate Kubix Link, a unique and endlessly adaptable ecosystem of fashion PLM and PIM capabilities. Kubix Link was designed to house and monitor the entire design-to-sales process, anytime, anywhere. You can share this platform with everyone in the supply chain from any device, including mobile. From designers to C-level executives, all forms of communication can be found on Kubix Link due to the option of full integration of other IT systems such as ERP, CRM, and WMS. This allows for a simple funnel of contact with up-to-date information.


Access real time data thanks to fully integrated IT systems

Since utilizing Kubix Link, the company noticed a huge transformation in different areas of the product lifecycle. Not only was there an increase in ease of use, but they could access real-time data, stay connected with their suppliers, and track samples and fittings, while having all this information stored and secured in one place.


Customer service at its finest

With Kubix Link companies also receive substantial support from the Lectra team. This is a huge factor in how quick and easy the transition process can be. Kubix Link is the only software able to be configured to configure to meet all their needs not only throughout the entire company but also with outside members, such as suppliers, making adoption easier. Major assets that companies are able to obtain from using Kubix Link are unparalleled collaboration, intuitive familiarity, increased efficiency, and an ultimate omnichannel approach. They are also able to access this through digital dashboards which showcase the product’s roadmap in realtime. Kubix Link provides central software that allows many companies to home in on every aspect of their creative process. It digitalizes mood boards, makes it easier to collect data, and consolidates ideas from preproduction to finalization of products. On top of that, all of this is found digitally, in real-time, on any device, saving incredible amounts of extra work by streamlining communication and offering not only agility needed in today’s world but also the data accuracy to optimize costs.

When we implemented Kubix Link the Lectra team went above and beyond to support us and understand our needs, working tirelessly to make sure all the elements were customized to match our workflow and processes. They were quick to react when things needed to change or shift, and they proactively looked for solutions to our challenges all along the way.

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