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Fitness giant Zumba saves 80% of its product development time with Kubix Link PLM

Zumba is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind fitness company that releases a new collection for every class. In order to keep up, it had to centralize its data, communicate better and collaborate more efficiently. 

Zumba's challenges in product development

With more than 15 million weekly participants across 185 countries, Zumba is the largest fitness company in the world.

The company owns two successful activewear brands, ZumbaWear and StrongID, and develops a new collection for every class, selling through its e-commerce store.

Adopting this unique business approach, Zumba has to release a new collection every 45 days.

Fitness and automation: the need for speed through improved collaboration

On top of its fast-paced production schedule, the company also has to manage its wide product variety including footwear, apparel, accessories and even swimwear for men, women and children. It produces up to 700 styles each year in five different countries. 

Their designs often involve big, bold prints, which adds a layer of complexity to the product development process.  In order to deliver such a wide product variety in short time frames, the company has to centralize its data, communicate better and collaborate more efficiently. 

Unifying people and processes through product data: Kubix Link PLM

Zumba wanted a system that could help them automate and accelerate their entire design-to-sales process to free themselves of non-value-added tasks, such as sorting out e-mail exchanges and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and downloading and reading heavy tech pack files from their suppliers.

They could then focus on what’s important: creating meaningful, relevant collections for their followers. Kubix Link, an adaptable system with PLM, PIM and DAM capabilities, did just that by integrating all their data into one place, with easy-to-use tracking of production ready products, from start to finish and to view updated entries in real time.

Saving 12 minutes per fit review session, and 80% of product development time through enhanced collaboration

Thanks to Kubix Link, Zumba was able to establish a common channel of communication with their in-house staff and external suppliers. With this single source of truth, they are communicating and collaborating more efficiently by working on the same document or file.

They can now hold virtual multi-size fit review sessions via video and photos with up-to-date information such as colors and sizes that have already been approved, saving up to 12 minutes per meeting as compared to the previous scenario.

Zumba and Lectra: Taking automation to the next level

Satisfied with the results of their partnership with Lectra, Zumba is taking its partnership one step further by using Kubix Link to automatically adjust their production schedules and processes according to the success of each collection.

Having all product data in one place, and be equipped with the platform’s workflow automation capabilities will give them the flexibility to modify their calendars and current practices to beat the usual 45-day turnaround

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