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Belgian brand JBC boosts retail strategy with automated benchmarking solution, Retviews

The automated benchmarking solution for fashion retailers, Retviews, helps JBC save time on benchmarking, boost efficiency, and optimize collections.


Time effective and efficient

JBC, a Belgian family brand, part of the fashion industry for more than 40 years, has taken advantage of digitalization in the industry and has put manual benchmarking in the past. With the automated benchmarking solution for fashion retailers, Retviews, JBC is saving time, boosting efficiency, and optimizing its retail strategy. Using Retviews allowed JBC’s teams to significantly improve their way of working, with regards to benchmarking. 


Tapping into automation

In a time where digitalization is becoming an increasingly crucial part of the fashion industry, JBC sees a significant added value in using Retviews, Lectra fashion competitive analysis solution. Using Retviews on a regular basis, the retailer’s merchandising team is able to obtain and analyze real-time data with ease, and in a time efficient way, allowing them to optimize collections.

Tapping into the growing prominence of automation allows fashion retailers to not only recover from pandemic-induced difficulties but also flourish. Lectra’s automated benchmarking solution for fashion brands and retailers, Retviews allows brands to stay on top of the industry as they access real-time data, easily monitor competitor assortment, pricing and discount strategies, and boost their own retail strategy.

Watch JCB testimonial in video

Watch JCB testimonial in video

Retviews has for sure been an innovative solution that optimized our way of working.

Jasmien Langhendries

Merchandise Planner


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