Retviews: competitive intelligence and fashion analytics solution

Fashion analytics on competitive brands: track the market and create the perfect assortment, at the right price.


Introducing Retviews, fashion analytics on competitive brands

Competitive intelligence: retviews enables fashion brands to analyze the market efficiently and have a 360° overview of their competitors.

Use the Retviews platform to benchmark your offer against your competitors effortlessly. Create competitive reports in a matter of minutes, compare prices, assortment mixes, discounts, sell-outs and much more. Work with real-time data to offer the right products at the right price and increase your revenues.

In recent years, the competition has intensified globally in the fashion industry with new actors like Amazon, DNVBs (digitally native vertical brands) and sustainable fashion brands entering the market. Shorter lead times increase the frequency of new products, making it difficult to track them in the market. Globalization also drives brands to expand in new regions of the world, where they face local competitors.

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How it works

Retviews is reinventing the way fashion retailers analyze the market. Get strategic data on fashion brands and detect opportunities faster.

Discover how the largest fast-fashion group in the world targets each segment of the market differently using specific assortment and pricing strategies.

Zara and Inditex offer strategies – detailed assortment and pricing report

Customer voice

"Retviews helps me spot assortment gaps and incorrect price positioning. We were able to reduce the number of unsold items and explore new market opportunities.”

Mélanie Loquet, Product Manager


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