Automate fashion benchmarking with Retviews' AI retail insights

Set the right prices, build winning product assortments, optimize your discount strategies, and enhance your brand image with AI-powered competitive intelligence data. You are just one click away from winning the fashion game with Retviews. 

Retviews, fashion competitive intelligence
Retviews, fashion competitive intelligence
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Speed up time-to-market

Save time on market analysis, spot trends and market opportunities right away and speed up your time-to-market with the ideal collection.


Maximize margins

Prevent unnecessary discounts or brand erosion with the right product at the right price, every time.


Optimize sell-through

Be reactive to market changes, always push for bestsellers and avoid leftovers.

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Fueling your market analysis with actionable data, Retviews empowers you to implement the best retail strategy for your brand

Understanding Retviews, fashion competitive intelligence and benchmarking

Why is fashion benchmarking so important?

To avoid missing out on emerging trends and business opportunities, fashion companies need to keep track of new product releases on the market. Fashion benchmarking enables you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your collections, and the comparative advantages of rival brands.

Having visibility makes it possible to adjust collections and implement relevant best practices. By identifying and comparing key market metrics that highlight differences between your product assortment and that of your competitors, you can differentiate your offering.

Why should companies automate fashion benchmarking?

Automated competitive analysis solutions give you the real-time visibility you need to release the most successful collections at the right price. By using them, you can:

  • Monitor your competition in a more time- and cost-efficient manner
  • Improve product mixes and collection planning with real-time data.
  • Develop the perfect pricing model.
  • Increase speed in producing and deliver styles on trend.
  • Improve cash flow by cutting costs and reducing unsold stock.
  • Increase your profitability by producing what consumers want.

What are the advantages of data-driven, automated fashion benchmarking?

Fashion competitive intelligence platforms enables companies to process real-time data from across the fashion landscape and glean valuable insights regarding specific products and collections.

It allows you to gather and process publicly available market data sets, and gain insights into competitor pricing and discounts. You can get an overview of the global apparel market with just one click.

This allows you to quickly assess your own product assortment and develop a winning go-to market strategy.

How can you improve your pricing strategy with automated benchmarking?

When you use competitive intelligence platforms to check on other rival brand's collections, you will be informed of the price structure of any product or category sold by them.

Automated benchmarking makes it possible for you to track price changes in real time, and even compare the prices of similar products.

This allows you to determine your own brand’s positioning. For global brands dealing with price inflation, data-based benchmarking makes it simpler for them to set competitive prices for international markets.

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