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"Lectra’s cutting-room solutions have helped us improve our cutting quality, production capacity, fabric utilization rate, and overall efficiency."


"We have every confidence that their technology, designed for industry 4.0, will continue to help us improve and refine our cutting- room operation, and lay a solid foundation on which we can build a truly intelligent manufacturing plant.”

Chinese e-tailer Ese. Y is a leader in the women’s pants category today. Despite its success, the company is determined not to rest on its laurels. With the rise of e-commerce, online sales and increasing consumer demand changing the entire Chinese retail landscape, Ese. Y is making the leap to intelligent manufacturing to create a more agile supply chain.


Founded in Zhengzhou, China in 2001, Ese.Y’s dedication to improving R&D and production within its manufacturing business has made it a leader in the women’s pants category. 
Despite its success, Ese.Y knew that it could not afford to rest on its laurels. Consumer demand for fashion in China was steadily growing, online sales had risen dramatically, and e-commerce promotions were changing how the fashion industry worked. Ese.Y decided to make the leap to intelligent manufacturing, which would allow them to create a more agile supply chain and better handle the small-batch production orders that were characteristic of this new marketplace.


After reviewing its options, Ese.Y chose Lectra’s Vector cutting machines. The high-performing cutters came with a broad range of fabric-management options, and were robust enough to handle even the most complicated orders. Each Vector saved Ese.Y more than RMB 300,000 annually in labor costs alone. The machines also reduced fabric waste and helped lower the fabric cost per cut piece, thanks to their precise, zero-buffer cutting.

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Lectra’s cutting room solution made our production setup more agile, so we could better handle fluctuations in demand.

Sun Yifei

Vice President, Ese.Y

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