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Outdoor Essentials Reinvented into Modern Day Fashion

Functional and Stylish Outdoor Fashion

The emergence of gorpcore style has brought a fusion of functionality and fashion, drawing inspiration from outdoor activities and wilderness adventures. This trend emphasizes practicality, durability, and sustainability through technical fabrics like Gore-Tex and Cordura, alongside utilitarian designs like cargo pants and parkas.

Key aspects of this style include:

  • Prioritizing high-quality, long-lasting garments
  • Minimizing overconsumption of clothing
  • Leveraging recycled and sustainable materials
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Why Lectra is the right solution

The outdoor fashion industry is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by increasing global interest in outdoor activities and a growing demand for sustainable apparel.

Key challenges you’ll find solutions to include:

  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Shifts in consumer behavior

Outerwear brands and manufacturing companies like Preslow, Kokatat, Arc'Teryx, and more are maintaining productivity through integrating advanced digital technology into their production processes. This tech-forward approach has increased production capacity and improved product quality. 


How Lectra Helps

Innovative solutions like Lectra's Fashion On Demand and Flex Offer are empowering outdoor fashion manufacturers to streamline operations, optimize resources, and respond to market trends, ensuring a resilient and sustainable future for the industry.


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