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Preslow: thriving uniform manufacturer chooses Lectra to reshore production and sustain growth for years to come.

A multi-generational family business in Mexico upgrades manufacturing capabilities to Lectra Industry 4.0 solution to double their manufacturing capability.

Preslow, a third-generation apparel business, has played a key part in Mexico’s manufacturing history, primarily focusing on producing uniforms and corporate apparel that fits in the promotional market. 

Ensuring their consumers receive the highest-quality products, they are constantly optimizing their manufacturing. Investing in the latest version of CAD software and their high-speed IoT-enabled cutting solutions they have: 

  • Doubled their manufacturing capacity 
  • Distributed and maintained superior-high-quality products 
  • Stayed proactive and agile within the supply chain 
  • Increased efficiency across the production line 
  • Optimized material usage to minimize waste 
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Investing in advanced technology, such as industry 4.0 cutting room, has helped Preslow control their productions by reducing fabric usage, cutting accurately and of quality, ensuring they deliver the best products to all their customers for generations to come.

Navigating a new manufacturing workflow

With an estimated production of about 1 million garments a year, Preslow upgraded their manufacturing from development to cutting and integrated advanced digital technology, including CAD pattern making and nesting software, spreading and cutting solutions to increase their throughput, quality, help maintain consumer demand and become agile and transparent across the supply chain.

In its Mexico City facility, Preslow relies on Lectra’s integrated suite of CAD software, Gerber AccuMark two spreaders, and an IoT-enabled digital cutting solution. With the addition of Preslow’s new cutting solution, they saw their company grow in ways they had never seen done before. After experiencing the repercussions of the pandemic, Presburger says, “It was easy to get back on the horse thanks to our advanced technology investments.” They prove that by being the largest outerwear manufacturer in Mexico, able to service major retailers, such as Walmart, and produce garments for their own in-house brand.

By automating and digitalizing its cutting room with Lectra’s spreaders and IoT cutting solution, Preslow was able to completely transform its manufacturing facility. With last-generation CAD, nesting algorithms, and an IoT-enabled cutting solution, they optimized material usage, reduced waste, provided higher-quality products, and increased their overall yield produced faster. Preslow described the new state of the art cutting room process as more exact and seamless which results in making hand sewing easier.




A strong strategy and an even stronger team

When it comes to strategizing, Preslow understands the assignment. Presburger described, “sales are like gasoline. You can have a Ferrari, but with no gas, you cannot go anywhere.” But in order to get gas, you need the right strategy. By having the right strategy to keep up with demand, they were able to increase sales, catapulting themselves into prioritizing their manufacturing processes, which ultimately led them to invest in advanced technology solutions. Investing in the latest technology, Preslow made it apparent to never fire any of their workers due to technological advancements, but to repurpose them by training them with the new solutions.

With the recent visit of The New York Times, the reporter was initially there to run a story on the shift of nearshoring from China to Mexico. As Presburger gave him a tour of the facility and the cutting solutions, the interviewer stated, “I have been to a ton of factories in the world, and yours is the only one where I sensed your workers are happy.” With a trusted team and up-to-date equipment, Preslow could train their workers easily on their new technology investments, eventually leading them to producing more merchandise. “We have been able to survive because of the strategy we have, the brand we created, and the market we speak to. Those three things are why we are still here” states Presburger, proving that with the right strategy and a trusted team, you can grow.



An optimized state of the art cutting room

Preslow continues to strive for an optimized production facility to serve its consumers and customers. They have expanded their view of what they can do within their factories and processes. As their entire product line and brand grows, they are already thinking about the future steps to maintain that positive increase from expanding locations, adding facilities, and merchandise. “I am truly convinced that companies that get on board with the latest technology are the ones that will make it,” states Presburger.