Fast, Efficient Furniture Production? The How

The rigorous demands of today’s ultra-connected consumer, can—and must—be met. With efficiency, collaboration, and minimized production interruption, furniture companies are now able to bring their product to market quicker than ever.

We’ve put together a practical guide, “Mapping Process Improvement Points for Furniture Production,” that outlines how Industry 4.0 technologies can be applied to each production step to meet next-generation market demand.

Understand how the traditional production process has been rethought at every stage:

  • Design and Prototyping, with a special attention to costing, standardization and design review phases
  • Pattern making
  • Marker-Making
  • Cutting
  • Off-loading and beyond

Improvements need to be made at every step for companies to stay in the game. Know-how and Industry 4.0 technology can make it happen. Get the guide.

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