Gain agility with Furniture on Demand by Lectra

Watch this video and learn directly from our customers’ success and experience with Furniture on Demand by Lectra.

Discover directly from our customer how choosing Furniture on Demand by Lectra solved their greatest production and manufacturing challenges.

Optimize production processes with digitalization and do more with less: it’s all about improving business agility and streamlining processes.

On-demand production is less risky for furniture companies, as they are producing exactly what their customers want (no forecasts needed), in terms of quantity and quality. This means smaller inventories and fewer markdowns. Furniture companies are no longer gambling with their profit margins by predicting trends.

There are also workflow benefits with the pull system. In this process, each successive stage of production only begins when the previous stage is completed and the required materials or components are available. This results in improved process efficiency.


Furniture on Demand by Lectraoffers increased production agility: that's what our customers tell us!

Learn how Furniture on Demand by Lectra is helping customers to shorten lead times, respond faster to demand and streamline their manufacturing process.

Furniture On Demand by Lectra is the industry’s first end-to-end solution that automates, streamlines and gives full visibility on the entire manufacturing process for unique products and small series.

This unique solution is comprised of the Lectra Digital Platform, a cloud-based platform that acts as an interface between the different activities linked to cutting, and Virga, a connected single-ply fabric cutting line.

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How Furniture On-demand by Lectra enables furniture companies to improve their production process