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Furniture On Demand by Lectra
Connected single-ply to high-ply fabric cutting room

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What is Furniture On Demand by Lectra?

Furniture On Demand is the industry’s first end-to-end solution for unitary, small series production and on-demand production.

It automates and streamlines each step in the cutting process while providing business visibility and control through data-based decision support. It also digitalizes preparation steps to make pull-mode production agile, productive and profitable, no matter what the volume.

Now, enriched by the Valia digital platform, this pioneering solution brings Industry 4.0 connectivity to the entire cutting room, including those equipped with Virga and Vector cutting solutions, expanding the possibilities of cutting room management.

Automated workflow enables furniture companies to overcome pull-mode manufacturing complexity, while powerful data analytics support sustainable productivity and skills development to future-proof the workforce.

All-new Furniture On Demand reveal: Unveiling the future of furniture manufacturing

Make on demand work for your business

Go from order to cutting in minutes

Save time by only having to set up product catalog, fabric handling requirements and production rules once. Then go from order reception to cut without any manual intervention. This makes your process flow smarter and more secured.

Valia Furniture

Valia Furniture is a digital platform that connects your IT system and the cutting room, ensuring efficient planning, cutting and optimization processes. On the Platform, you will find data (on products, materials and orders), connectors (to ERP systems, MIS, CRM systems) and applications.

Virga single-ply fabric cutting line

Smart and connected to Valia Furniture, Virga is a complete, high-performance cutting line for plain and motif fabric, designed for maximum throughput, data sharing and minimal manual interventions

Vector low-ply and high-ply fabric cutting line

VectorFurniture is Lectra’s best-in-class cutting range, designed to satisfy fluctuating order volumes, increasing complexity, and evolving sustainability requirements with unprecedented uptime, improved speed, long-term reliability, and optimized efficiency and quality.


Furniture on Demand By Lectra

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