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Nalesso’s productivity increases by 15% with Lectra

Furniture On Demand by Lectra has helped the family-owned business achieve its productivity and material-savings targets 

Lectra and Nalesso: a shared vision of growth and innovation 

The partnership between Nalesso and Lectra is recent, but the two companies have worked early on to improve Nalesso's industrialization processes within its Technological Hub, the heart of the company, where customers’ requirements are gathered and processed to create a customized product. To answer customers’ requests in a timely manner, Nalesso chose Furniture On Demand by Lectra

"This solution enables us to respond faster to customers, plus we have the ability to digitize and archive our templates, thus transforming the expertise of each operator into a corporate asset," explains Alessandro Zordan, Nalesso's Production Manager. 

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+15% productivity 

A cutting-edge company in custom-made furniture

The company was founded in the 80s by Armando and Dina Nalesso as a small artisan workshop and, in 40 years, it has grown by focusing on custom-made products, expertise and a relentless quest for technical materials. Today, it is a well-established Italian company within the segment of custom-made indoor and outdoor furniture and it partners with the most renowned luxury brands and internationally acclaimed architects. 

From order to delivery, Nalesso's product management process aims at understanding the customer's needs and fulfilling them. For each item, the right materials are selected and all stages of production, logistics and after-sales are closely monitored. 

Nalesso is able to manufacture a single prototype, as well as small series or dozens of items with different materials and different timelines. 


Furniture On Demand by Lectra

Automated workflow enables furniture companies to overcome pull-mode manufacturing complexity