How can you easily manage your sales on marketplaces?

How do you choose the right fashion marketplace management partner to increase your visibility and boost international sales?

Why is it essential to distribute your products on fashion marketplaces?

Marketplaces now dominate the e-commerce sector, accounting for more than 50% of online sales. Fashion brands must capitalize on this exponential growth to conquer new markets.

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How have marketplaces become essential sales channels?

They have names like Zalando, Amazon, Farfetch and El Corte Inglés, etc., and half of them achieved turnover of more than a billion dollars within 20 years of their creation.
On the internet, these online selling platforms are becoming essential points of contact between brands and their consumers. Increasingly connected consumers have become used to shopping on these platforms, which make their lives easier.
A single platform offering a multitude of items and brands, competitive prices, home delivery, easy returns, secure payment, back-in-stock alerts, etc.
This VIP service available without having to leave the house is difficult to resist. It is therefore not surprising that these platforms are growing exponentially, offering new opportunities to fashion brands.

Marketplaces: opportunities to be seized by fashion brands

There is no doubt that marketplaces act as a lever for brand growth by offering brands unparalleled visibility while enabling them to reach end consumers without having to use a retailer or distributor.

“The e-commerce top 50 is dominated by multibrand distributors like Amazon, La Redoute, Zalando and Veepee. These sites are not brands in themselves but multibrand platforms, major audience hubs that are impossible for brand websites to compete with. For brands, using marketplaces means they can reach millions of consumers, and also gives them a showcase”, explains Greg Zemor, CEO and co- founder of Neteven.

Why expand your presence on marketplaces?

They are an infinitely adaptable shop window! It is really worthwhile for brands to expand their presence on fashion marketplaces.
With so many possibilities and possible combinations, brands can select the marketplaces that best reflect their brand image and commercial strategy. This is now possible thanks to the development of marketplaces specializing in fashion.
And why not sell on El Corte Inglés and La Redoute, offload past collections on Veepee or Showroomprivé, while reaching an international market with Zalando, Yoox or Farfetch?

Fashion Marketplace Management

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Why should you use a fashion marketplace management tool?

Because each marketplace is different, working to each marketplace’s specification can prove very complex for fashion brands.
Each one has its own criteria and constraints, so brands have to navigate between platforms with very diverse registration processes, product referencing systems, customer care policies, etc.
The only way to meet all these requirements is to get the right fashion marketplace management tools and the necessary expertise for success with these sales channels.

How can you meet the marketplaces’ requirements?

“You have to be exemplary”, Greg Zemor explains, “both technically but also in terms of customer relations. Marketplaces want satisfied customers, so brands must rigorously adhere to a number of criteria. You need a technical solution that makes very diverse digital distribution channels homogeneous.”
To satisfy all the requirements set by marketplaces and meet their specifications, brands can seek support from partners that will help them to obtain technologies that can interface their system with those of the marketplaces.

What is a fashion marketplace management solution?

There are now many solutions on the market to simplify integration on marketplaces, which are designed to make life easier for fashion brands wanting to expand their online presence.

These flow management platforms facilitate the export of existing product catalogs by configuring them to meet the standards and requirements of all marketplaces, whether European, American or Asian.
Most marketplace managers are non-specialist, working with multibrand distributors in all product categories. But there are a few solutions designed specifically for fashion brands on fashion marketplaces.