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Laying the foundation of a new era for Furniture manufacturers

Furniture manufacturers today are tasked with making furniture faster, better and with more options.

Computers and machines.

Furniture manufacturers today are tasked with making furniture faster, better and with more options. Trends show that customers purchasing furniture want customization options and quick turnaround. The basic tenets of Industry 4.0, automation and data exchange, can give furniture manufacturers the ability to give their customers what they want, in the time they want.  

That’s why we created the first Industry 4.0 cutting room for made-to-order furniture manufacturing. Our Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order uses Industry 4.0 principles to provide greater agility, throughput, cost efficiency and scalability to furniture manufacturers grappling with the explosion in demand for customization, shorter lead times and high quality yet low-cost furnishings.

The Digital Cutting Platform is the heart of the new cutting room. Using the cloud, it connects design and product development offices, the cutting room and beyond. It also ensures seamless data exchanges between IT systems and the cutting room. A constant flow of always up-to-date information gives companies and workers the knowledge they need for quick decision-making and real-time optimization.  

Virga®, the  brand-new single-ply fabric cutting solution, accompanies the platform. It offers a complete cutting line for plain and patterned fabrics, with simultaneous loading, scanning, cutting and offloading, for optimized cycle times. A reimagined user experience, focusing on operator comfort and maximum automation, brings vast productivity and quality improvements. To keep cost per piece low, a challenge in single-ply cutting, Virga’s cutting technology eliminates the need for paper or plastic when cutting, allows agile scrap management and uses long lifespan consumables and spare parts.


For details Lectra's first Industry 4.0 cutting room for on-demand and made-to-order furniture manufacturing, go to the Furniture On Demand by Lectra page