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Mexican Fashion Manufacturer Diltex Maximizes Efficiency and Saves Big with Lectra

Renowned Mexican fashion brand, Diltex, transforms operations for faster, more efficient production that maximizes customer satisfaction.

Diltex is an established Mexican company with over 70 years of expertise catering to the fashion needs of Latin women through renowned brands. As pioneers in the industry, they hold a prominent position in Mexico and Central America, particularly in Guatemala and El Salvador. Additionally, they extend their reach to the vast Hispanic market and the United States. 

Driven by a consumer-centric approach, Diltex is committed to creating high-quality products and cultivating brand value. Their diverse portfolio includes brands with both national and international acclaim, addressing the varied lifestyles of women. Among these brands are Ilusión®, Fiorentina®, Vanity Fair®, Curvation®, Fruit of the Loom®, Vassarette®, David's Bridal®, and Etam®. 

With over 30,000 markers processed, Diltex realized substantial savings, averaging 1.72% across their operations, with fabric savings amounting to an impressive 1%.

Challenges & Objectives

Prior to integrating Lectra solutions into their operations, Diltex encountered several challenges. One significant obstacle was the demand to design and produce over 500 models annually, with each garment undergoing a meticulous process involving 10 to 12 stages.

This intricate workflow required precise management and coordination to ensure timely delivery and to maintain quality standards. Additionally, Diltex sought to enhance their material consumption practices maximizing revenue generation. They identified the need to optimize their markers, streamlining the layout of patterns to minimize waste and increase efficiency in production.

Moreover, they aimed for a more connected production environment, where various stages of manufacturing seamlessly interacted to improve overall productivity and responsiveness to market demands. Addressing these challenges was pivotal for Diltex to enhance their competitiveness and sustain growth in the dynamic fashion industry. 

Lectra’s Response: Lectra visited Diltex to learn more about the manufacturing process, analyze how they work, and make a calculation of their markers in one year. Lectra worked with Diltex’s Technical Sales team to conduct benchmark testing and demo Flex Offer by Lectra while meeting weekly to analyze results and address any concerns.  



By incorporating Lectra’s solutions into their production processes, Diltex experienced impressive results. Leveraging Flex Offer by Lectra, they achieved a superior fit with their markers, optimizing the layout of patterns to reduce material waste and enhance efficiency. With over 30,000 markers processed, Diltex realized substantial savings, averaging 1.72% across their operations. Notably, fabric savings amounted to an impressive 1%, contributing to improved cost-effectiveness. The transition to cloud-based systems eliminated the challenges of losing or misplacing licenses, leading to more streamlined processes and heightened organizational efficiency. These outcomes underscored the efficacy of Lectra’s solutions by empowering Diltex to achieve greater productivity, cost savings, and operational agility in the competitive fashion landscape. 


Transition to Next Gen Cutting Room Solutions

As Diltex continues to transform its production process, the company is already eager to incorporate more of Lectra’s cutting edge solutions. In the future, Diltex is hoping to see swap its obsolete cutting solutions for Lectra’s best-in-class cutting solution, Vector. By incorporating Vector into the cutting room, Diltex will be able to reach high levels of efficiency and profitability no matter the production volume. 


Exploring the Future with Lectra

As a leader in the fashion market, Lectra has the solutions and knowledge to help brands optimize production, exceed customer expectations, and maximize profitability. Through continued partnership with Lectra, Diltex is confident they can maximize efficiency and optimize their resources to achieve new levels of success.