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Piquadro’s launch on fashion marketplaces flourishes with Neteven’s game-changing support

Neteven enables Piquadro to centralize and manage its product data on a single platform

Neteven has enabled Piquadro to sell on multiple marketplaces at once

Piquadro is a premium Italian leather brand specializing in innovative business bags and accessories. The company boasts a workforce of over 600 employees across the globe, along with a retail network of over 50 stores in Italy, Europe and major fashion capitals worldwide.

Piquadro was looking to boost sales by expanding its customer base. The company chose fashion marketplaces to grow its business and present its products in the best possible way in order to reach new customers and connect with the millions of potentially interested users who shop on these platforms.


Neteven, fashion markeplace management

Manage online sales on fashion marketplaces with Neteven

Piquadro carries a range of permanent and seasonal collections. The company has around 1,800 SKUs (stock keeping unit), 650 items and 37 categories to track and publish on each marketplace. This makes for a vast and varied amount of product data to manage. To be successful at selling on fashion marketplaces Piquadro needed to simplify and centralize the processes for each marketplace. Managing product data for multiple marketplaces was critical to meeting its objectives.

As a newcomer on marketplaces, Piquadro needed to find out which marketplaces were the best to help it reach its target audience. In addition, being a premium brand, that is not focused on discounting, Piquadro faced the additional challenge of identifying the appropriate full-price marketplaces.


Neteven enables Piquadro to centralize and manage its product data on a single platform so that it can sell on multiple marketplaces at once, allowing the rand to expand its digital presence with ease

Neteven’s comprehensive solution not only simplifies the complex process of multi-marketplace management but also empowers Piquadro to optimize its operations and ultimately improve its overall performance in the highly competitive fashion marketplace landscape.

Piquadro, thanks to Neteven, is enhancing its product relevance to reach a diverse segment of customers, access additional marketplaces, and generate more sales. With its robust sales strategy and rapid expansion on fashion marketplaces, the company is experiencing significant growth. Piquadro is recording a remarkable 157% increase in GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) yearover-year.


+157 % increase in GMV year-over-year

Building on its success, the company aims to enhance sales performance and expand its customer base.
Piquadro plans to develop the international market by opening more marketplaces with Neteven, with the ultimate goal of reaching the widest range of consumers.
Piquadro’s ambitious plans involve strategically selecting and expanding its presence on carefully curated marketplaces with the guiding support of Neteven.
The strategic selection of its marketplaces enables Piquadro to align its offerings with the unique preferences and demands of different regions.
In the near future, Piquadro will expand its growth by commercializing its other brands—The Bridge Firenze, and Lancel Paris—with Neteven.

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"Neteven, is making it easy for us to adapt our product offerings to the specific and different requirements of each marketplace and tailor our product information to regional preferences, we are able to control four marketplaces at once and sell in several countries too."