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4.0-ready digital leather-cutting line

Versalis: maximize productivity and hide yield efficiency


What is Versalis and why is it the leading leather cutter for automotive upholstery and leather-parts?

Designed by Lectra, to meet the challenges of the automotive industry, Versalis is the ultimate 4.0-ready cutting system. Dedicated to mass production from hide digitization to the production of cut parts, Versalis automotive leather cutter helps auto upholstery suppliers meet key performance, productivity and flexibility needs whatever the process, methods, hide type or leather grade. Achieve operational excellence by reducing time to market, controlling costs to increase margins, improving manufacturing efficiency through flexibility, and increasing product quality.

How does Versalis, Lectra's automotive leather cutting machine boost the efficiency of the leather cutting process?

The Versalis automotive leather cutting solution contributes to a more efficient production cycle and increased yield efficiency resulting in optimized leather use and savings. Improved hide analysis and cutting quality enables manufacturers to handle increasing complexity while managing fluctuating production batches without wastage. The Increased yield efficiency results in optimized leather use and material savings.

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