Riding the trend wave with omnichannel marketing

Today’s empowered consumers are buying on their own terms. 

Riding the trend Wave/No Gated

With unfettered access to information at their fingertips, they know precisely what they want and purchase selectively, often weighing ethical and environmental considerations in addition to quality and styling. Keen to express their individuality and co-create value, they seize opportunities to personalize the products they order.


A vocal and influential audience

Informed and connected, they browse merchandise across multiple devices before leaving the comfort of their home or office to evaluate merchandise in-store. Online comparison-shopping is carried out across multiple channels and marketplaces, often influenced by reviews left by other users. Once these empowered consumers have made a final decision and proceeded with a purchase, they do not hesitate to voice their own opinion, sharing observations and images on social media.


Fashion companies must now take this empowered consumer voice into consideration as of the collection design and planning phases. Merchandisers who aspire to captivate consumers while markedly differentiating their brand can take their inspiration from what their target market has to say.


Getting a jump on fashion trends

To succeed in a fast-moving, highly competitive retailing environment influenced by what’s currently trending on social media, fashion brands and retailers can adopt an omnichannel approach to capitalize on the power of digital communication. The connectedness that has empowered today’s consumers can in turn empower companies to meet their expectations.


Resonating with the target audience

Reaching consumers with compelling messages and relevant, personalized experience is now a must for fashion companies aiming to ride the trend wave and quickly take designs to market. To appeal to consumers and earn credibility, it is important for brands and retailers to focus on an omnichannel strategy that is consistent and accurate across all channels, including brick-and-mortar locations.

Digital channels play an important role in raising the brand profile and generating conversions. This is because the customer journey continues to evolve, and digital channels offer the most cost-effective means to personalize messages and experiences.


See how changes in consumer behavior are setting the pace of fashion.