The Kidswear push: how can brands stay ahead of the curve?

Nailing the rise in children's clothing 

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Retviews Competitive Intelligence Tool Benchmarking Kidswear Market 2022

Key Takeaways 

  • Girls and boys’ collections have reached relatively equal representation within leading mass market brands’ assortments
  • Prices have increased significantly within the mass market, with regards to kids’ clothing
  • Kids’ collections are growing and represent a larger share of leading brands’ assortments in 2022 vs. in 2021

As of 2022, the kidswear market is worth $263 billion with a predicted annual growth rate of nearly 3% until 2026. The prominence in the market has also been present within luxury and premium brands - with brands such as Michael Kors and Reiss launching kids clothing collections, and luxury marketplaces like Farfetch investing big in childrenswear, thus expanding their total market reach. 

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Gen Alpha Apparel : Are Girls Still Prioritized? 

The kidswear market is largely made up of today’s youngest consumers, generation alpha. Moving into a time of greater representation and empowerment - kidswear is also changing. Leading mass market brands previously placed a greater emphasis on girls’ clothing, constituting a larger portion of their collections. Considering the changing industry, has the kids’ gender mix also evolved?

Retviews Competitive Intelligence Tool Benchmarking Kidswear Gen Alpha Apparel Gender Mix

Retviews data indicates a shift towards greater gender equality in kids clothing. As of 2022, leading mass market brands, such as ZARA Kids and Mango Kidswear have brought their girls and boys collections to equal assortment shares. Uniqlo has also shown a change but still has a slightly larger share of girl’s pieces. 

Price Inflation on Kids' Apparel

The question of price inflation has hit countless industries, not sparing fashion. Within the fashion industry, menswear and womenswear have experienced a prominent price increase between 2021 and 2022, in both mass market and premium brands - but where does kidswear stand? How should brands be approaching pricing strategies, with regards to kids clothing?

Retviews Competitive Intelligence Tool Benchmarking Kidswear Price Inflation 2022

Retviews data showcases that a strong price increase has hit the kids apparel market in 2022’s first quarter within the European market - average prices rising across leading mass market brands YoY. Gap Kidswear, ZARA, Mango and Uniqlo have all increased their prices; Uniqlo having the greatest, 14%, average price increase in its overall kidswear assortment. Is your brand keeping up with the price increase? Are you opting for the best pricing strategy?

Fashion brands and retailers are using AI-powered retail data to monitor competitors with Retviews, keeping a close eye on their strategies, allowing them to best position their brand within the changing industry, whilst maintaining sales volumes.

Retviews Competitive Intelligence Tool Benchmarking Kidswear Gen Alpha Apparel

Kids’ clothing has seen a boost in recent years, and even more so in 2022, as leading mass market brands such as Zara and Uniqlo are growing their childrenswear - as the mass market as a whole is also increasing its share of kids’ collections in assortments, when compared to 2021. 

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