Corporate Social Responsibility at Lectra

Helping you lead change by being the change

Our Corporate Social Responsibility vision

We carry out our business and operating practices with an objective in mind, which is to make a positive impact on the society. Through our technology and partnerships, we empower you to become more socially responsible and sustainable.

We cultivate a work environment where our own employees can thrive while adhering to high ethical standards.

Environmental sustainability

Our 1st CSR commitment: Environmental Sustainability

Environmental consciousness has always been a key driving force behind our customer value propositions. Not only do we strive to develop the right technology to help you become more transparent and make better choices for people and the planet, but also lead by example as an eco-responsible company. 

By reducing your buffer by a mere 1mm, you can save 1% of fabric and increase fabric yield from 80% to 81%, which leads to a 5% reduction in waste.


On-demand production and nearshoring

Our on-demand production technology enables brands to produce items in only the quantities required through data-driven product development and manufacturing processes. This production model also enables them to mitigate transport delays and supply chain disruptions, making it easier for them to reap the benefits of nearshoring.


Virtual collaboration

Our software offers for design, development, collaboration and production planning minimize physical prototyping and facilitate long-distance teamwork. This greatly reduces the need for travel and transport.


Eco-design best practices  

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in our thought process during the early development stages of our solutions. A specialized consulting firm has trained a select group of employees in product marketing and R&D so that they can bring sustainability into our conception and design processes. 


Reducing the environmental impact of our daily operations 

We ensure that the majority of our components are fabricated locally, depending on where our production is based. For all equipment under the Lectra brand, 80% of our components are produced in Europe, of which 85% are recyclable. We assemble all of our Lectra cutting equipment in France.  

We have implemented a comprehensive environmental management system in France, which is being adopted by our five main country offices. This system was developed based on ISO 14001 recommendations. 

We monitor our logistics very closely when it comes to our shipment, delivery routes and grouping of our equipment and components. To cut down on CO2 emissions, we choose the most carbon-efficient route for delivery of our equipment, often opting for maritime transport instead of air, involving minimal port rotations. 

Social responsibility 

Our 2nd CSR commitment: Social Responsibility

We believe in fostering an inclusive, diverse and vibrant work culture where employees can grow and contribute to the society.

By adhering to high social standards, we ensure that the daily working life of our staff and yours is both productive and pleasant at offices and factories.


Closing the gender gap

We have strong convictions on providing equal opportunities for all and zero tolerance towards discrimination and harassment. According to the French government, Lectra’s professional equality index score currently stands at 99/100.


Ensuring health and safety at customer sites 

Our focus on employee wellbeing also extends to your company. Lectra’s R&D teams have designed equipment that includes high performance security features to ensure the safety of its operators. For example, our Virga equipment, launched in 2018, comprises a new radar system to detect user motion that shuts down immediately in the event of hazardous user behavior.  This system can now be installed on Vector equipment. 

These integrated safety systems come with on-site support provided by Lectra’s technical experts, who install, run and maintain the equipment. During the first training session, we will go through all the safety rules with your operators. Lectra’s technical experts perform check-ups on your equipment regularly, including all installed safety systems.


Onboarding and training

For over twenty-five years, Lectra has invested significantly in training its employees, to ensure upward mobility by enhancing their knowledge and skills. Our Lectra Academy, Sales Effectiveness and Customer Success Enablement teams have carefully designed a series of programs for our staff that range from orientation sessions such as Lectra Together, to targeted high-level training workshops on specific software and equipment. 


Educating the next generation of fashion professionals 

We share our knowledge and expertise with more than 800 schools and universities worldwide as well by providing software licenses and training to students, and serve as a platform showcasing emerging creative talent to industry professionals. 


Creating a positive and vibrant work environment 

We place great emphasis on maintaining healthy, safe and good working conditions for employees in technical facilities, such as factories and R&D laboratories by auditing these places regularly with a safety engineer. To allow more flexibility, we have also established a new work-from-home policy for our employees.  

We have elected a group of employee representatives at our headquarters in France who are in charge of seven missions: training, meal options, social fundings, social activities, housing, equal employment and career advancement opportunities, health and safety.   

Ethics and transparency

Our 3rd CSR commitment: Ethics and Transparency

We firmly commit to the highest ethical standards, and acknowledge the trust that customers have placed in us for decades.

We have always operated our business according to the strictest ethical codes.


Code of conduct

We have successfully created and implemented a code of conduct to fight corruption and influence peddling, and train our employees in business ethics with an e-learning refresher course on an annual basis.


Sustainable purchasing 

We have established the Lectra Charter for Responsible Purchasing in 2011 and signed the Responsible Purchasing Charter issued by the French Buyers Association in 2021, to ensure that our suppliers take responsibility for their own subcontracting, particularly with regard to environmental sustainability, labor practices, working conditions and respect for human rights.