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Our Corporate Social Responsibility vision

Lectra has always aimed to be a values-driven company. This desire is reflected in our unfailing respect for ethical standards, the continuous improvement of our services in favor of the environment, and the particular attention paid to the well-being of our employees.

Today, we have decided to go further. We will combine innovation with our company’s core values to make corporate social responsibility a central pillar of our business model. We have chosen to focus on 12 commitments spread over five major areas of action.
Our ambition is to meet all current and future challenges by maintaining excellence in the areas we master, by implementing continuous improvement plans to adapt to a constantly changing environment, and by investing in new areas.

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12 commitments spread over 5 major areas of action

With our new corporate social responsibility policy, we commit to setting the standard in transparency and ethical conduct, contributing meaningfully to the conservation and protection of the environment, providing a work environment where all employees thrive and feel valued, and empowering future generations to become leaders in their field. We also commit to enabling our customers to do the same.

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01. Respecting the highest ethical standards

We are committed to uncompromising business ethics

We lead by example and demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility. We adhere to the strictest ethical standards. We have successfully created and implemented a code of conduct to fight corruption and influence peddling. We also train our employees in business ethics with an annual, e-learning refresher course.


We are committed to a responsible purchasing policy

At Lectra, working with suppliers that share our convictions is important. We established our own responsible purchasing charter in 2011 and signed the National Purchasing Council’s charter in 2021.

Under these charters, Lectra, its suppliers and our suppliers’ suppliers must have processes that respect environmental standards, and comply with safety rules, as well as human rights and labor laws.

In 2023, we will establish a new, even more rigorous charter. Our goal is to have at least 88% of our entire industrial supplier base sign this new charter.

02. Designing eco-responsible offers

We commit to eco-designing our offers

We enable our customers to reduce their environmental impact using Industry 4.0 principles. Sustainability is deeply ingrained in our product development process, starting at the earliest stages.

With each new generation of equipment, our R&D teams focus, not only on improving performance, but also on reducing the environmental impact of our solutions by, for example, reducing energy consumption or optimizing weight and dimensions


Today, 94% of our components for the Cestas production site come from European suppliers. As the only company in our sector with three manufacturing sites (in China, the USA and France), we will eventually be able to manufacture a majority of our solutions locally. We also ensure that the transportation phase is green as well. To reduce our CO2 emissions, we group deliveries, select the most carbon-efficient routes and favor maritime transport.

In 2023-2025, we will go further. We will be taking a systematic approach to our eco-conscious practices by defining criteria and objectives for each component in our products throughout its life cycle, including end-of-life recycling.


We commit to providing our customers with products and services that enable them to reduce their impact on the environment

Our solutions for design, development, collaboration and production planning significantly reduce the need for physical prototypes and facilitate remote collaboration, which significantly reduces travel and transportation. With integrated scanners, state-of-the-art image sensors and long-life consumables, our cutting rooms are designed to optimize material consumption and reduce waste. In addition, preventive maintenance, spacing of revisions and remote intervention are all subjects that we have been reinforcing, every year since 2007, reducing travel and the use of spare parts. In 2023-2025, we will go further. We will develop dashboards and services that incorporate environmental criteria to help our customers ensure eco-conscious management of their cutting room.


We are committed to safe, accessible and easy-to-use offers

We integrate high-performance safety systems into our equipment to ensure operator safety. Since 2018, our cutters have incorporated a new movement detection system that instantly stops the cut in the event of risky user behavior. We also work on ergonomics and ease of use to ensure that our equipment is accessible to all types of users.

03. Promoting an inclusive, diverse and vibrant work culture

We are committed to equal opportunities for all and have zero tolerance towards discrimination and harassment

We create a safe work environment where all employees can achieve their full potential, evolve and contribute to society. We are an inclusive company that values diversity: our teams are made up of people representing 66 nationalities. Equality between women and men is also a strongly held value at Lectra, which is reflected in our score of 99/100 on France’s the Professional Equality Index applicable.


We commit to promoting a work environment that favors employee engagement

We value the unique contributions of each employee and believe a community of engaged employees is key to our success. That is why we have instituted annual employee satisfaction surveys. These surveys give team members the opportunity to participate in improving their work environment. Eighty- one per cent of employees participated in the 2022 survey, at the end of which, teams developed and implemented action plans.


We commit to promoting a sound balance between work life and personal life

We want to ensure employee wellbeing both in and outside of the office. We aim to encourage not only a good working life but also a good quality of life in general. To that aim, we instituted a remote work policy in France and several other countries in 2022.


We commit to developing talent, team expertise and career paths over the long term

We believe in the power of our people. We encourage colleagues to grow in their careers and develop the knowledge and know-how to evolve within the company.
Our Lectra Academy, Sales Effectiveness and Customer Success Enablement teams work diligently to design programs for employees, including integration sessions and high-level training workshopsdedicated to our offer.


We commit to ensuring the health and safety of our employees

We do our utmost to guarantee healthy, safe and pleasant working conditions for our employees, particularly those working in technical environments such as production sites or research and development laboratories. To this end, we organize regular audits by safety engineers.

04. Reducing the environmental footprint of our activities

We commit to reducing the environmental impact of our activities

We act daily to limit the carbon footprint of our sites. We have already taken action to minimize the impact our activities have on the environment: steering activities within the framework of an environmental management system, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing energy and water consumption, reducing and reusing waste, limiting the use of single-use plastic in our logistics operations, and a more virtuous employee travel policy.

Starting in 2023, we will expand our efforts to our offices in the United States and to the vast majority of our offices around the world.


05. Providing support for the next generation

We commit to sharing our knowledge, our expertise and our solutions to help the next generation of fashion professionals to develop their skills and employability

We contribute to educating the next generation of fashion professionals. For more than 30 years, we have shared our expertise and solutions with more than 800 schools and universities around the world, helping them train the future leaders of fashion. We also help the designers of tomorrow get their names in front of industry professionals by, among other things, enabling them to organize competitions or fashion shows with design schools.


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