Corporate Social Responsibility at Lectra

We are sustainability enablers

Our Corporate Social Responsibility vision

Lectra has always aimed to be a values-driven company. This desire is reflected in our unfailing respect for ethical standards, the continuous improvement of our services in favor of the environment, and the particular attention paid to the well-being of our employees.

Our ambition is to meet all current and future challenges by maintaining excellence in the areas we master, by implementing continuous improvement plans to adapt to a constantly changing environment, and by investing in new areas.

Lectra’s five key CSR commitments

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Lectra's environmental policy and EMS

As individuals, across all levels of the Group, we all need to take environmental issues into account, now more than ever. Even more so as they are now a determining factor in our business relations and a strong expectation among our stakeholders.

That is why Lectra is rolling out an Environmental Management System (EMS) throughout the Group that is fully integrated with our CSR approach.

With a structured framework and a dedicated budget, the EMS sets out our environmental approach around a commitment to compliance with applicable regulations and the achievement of target objectives: 

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Optimizing the use of resources to promote the circular economy
  • Improving energy efficiency

Each of the policy's commitments is broken down in the Environmental Management System into qualitative performance objectives, the progress of which is monitored through regular reporting. Fully integrated into Lectra’s strategy, the environmental policy and associated improvement objectives are reviewed every three years.

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