Commitment 04 - Reducing the environmental footprint of our activities

We are committed to a virtuous, resilient industrial model, and are working constantly to limit our environmental impact, including for newly acquired companies.

Reduce our activities environmental impact 

We have already taken action to minimize the impact our activities have on the environment, notably by implementing an environmental management system. We are also taking action to :

  • steering activities within the framework of an environmental management system,
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
  • reducing energy and water consumption,
  • reducing and reusing waste,
  • limiting the use of single-use plastic in our logistics operations,
  • and a more virtuous employee travel policy.
Reducing the environmental footprint of our activities


We would like to expand our efforts to our sites in the United States and to the vast majority of our sites around the world.

Lectra’s five key CSR commitments

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