Commitment 01 - Respecting the highest ethical standards

We lead by example and and take our responsibilities seriously.

Uncompromising business ethics

We adhere to the strictest ethical standards.

We have successfully created and implemented a code of conduct to fight corruption and influence peddling.

We also train our employees in business ethics with an annual, e-learning refresher course.


Responsible purchasing policy

At Lectra, working with suppliers that share our convictions is important. We established our own responsible purchasing charter in 2011 and signed the Responsible Purchasing Charter issued by the French Buyers Association in 2021.

Under these charters, Lectra, its suppliers and our suppliers’ suppliers must have processes that respect environmental standards, and comply with safety rules, as well as human rights and labor laws.

In 2023, we will establish a new, even more rigorous charter.


Our goal

Our goal is to have at least 88% of our entire industrial supplier base sign this new charter.

Lectra’s five key CSR commitments

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