Commitment 02 - Designing eco-responsible offers

We enable our customers to improve their environmental impact in implementing Industry 4.0 principles, primarily by reducing their material consumption.

Our eco-designed offers

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in our product development process, starting at the earliest stages.

With each new generation of equipment, our R&D teams focus, not only on improving performance, but also on reducing the environmental impact of our solutions by, for example, reducing energy consumption or optimizing weight and dimensions. 

Today, 95% of our components for the Cestas production site come from European suppliers. As the only company in our sector with three manufacturing sites (in China, the USA and France), we will eventually be able to manufacture a majority of our solutions locally.


We also ensure that the transportation phase is green as well. To reduce our CO² emissions, we group deliveries, select the most carbon- efficient routes and favor maritime transport.



We will be taking a systematic approach to our eco-conscious practices by defining criteria and objectives for each component in our products throughout its life cycle, including end-of-life recycling.

Environmental impact reduction

Our solutions for design, development, collaboration and production planning significantly reduce the need for physical prototypes and facilitate remote collaboration, which significantly reduces travel and transportation.

With integrated scanners, state-of-the-art image sensors and long-life consumables, our cutting rooms are designed to optimize material consumption and reduce waste.

In addition, preventive maintenance, spacing of revisions and remote intervention are all subjects that we have been reinforcing, every year since 2007, reducing travel and the use of spare parts.


Safe, accessible and easy-to-use offers

We integrate high-performance safety systems into our equipment to ensure operator safety. Since 2018, our cutters have incorporated a new movement detection system that instantly stops the cut in the event of risky user behavior.

We also work on ergonomics and ease of use to ensure that our equipment is accessible to all types of users.




We will develop dashboards and services that incorporate environmental criteria to help our customers ensure eco-conscious management of their cutting room.

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