Commitment 03 - Promoting an inclusive, diverse and vibrant work culture

We offer a safe work environment where employees from around the world can achieve their full potential, find fulfillment, and contribute to society.

Equal opportunities for all and zero tolerance towards discrimination and harrassment

We are an inclusive company that values diversity: our teams are made up of people representing 67 nationalities.

Equality between women and men is also a strongly held value at Lectra, which is reflected in our score of 98/100 on France’s the Professional Equality Index applicable.


Work environnment that favors employee engagement

We value the unique contributions of each employee and believe a community of engaged employees is key to our success. That is why we have instituted annual employee satisfaction surveys. 

These surveys give team members the opportunity to participate in improving their work environment. 

81% of employees participated in the 2022 survey, at the end of which, teams developed and implemented action plans.



The surveys encourage exchanges with employees and make it possible to initiate a new culture based on listening, collaborative construction and continuous improvement.

On this basis, the Human Resources Department has drawn up a human resources policy formalising our commitments as well as the action plans that provide a clear framework for all managers.

Discover our human resources policy

Sound balance between work life and personal life

We want to ensure employee wellbeing both in and outside of the office. We aim to encourage not only a good working life but also a good quality of life in general. To that aim, we instituted a remote work policy in France and several other countries in 2022.


Talent development, team expertise and career paths over the long term

We believe in the power of our people. We encourage colleagues to grow in their careers and develop the knowledge and know-how to evolve within the company.

Our Lectra Academy, Sales Effectiveness and Customer Success Enablement teams work diligently to design programs for employees, including integration sessions and high-level training workshops dedicated to our offer.


Health and safety of employees

We do our utmost to guarantee healthy, safe and   pleasant   working   conditions for our employees, particularly those working in technical environments such as production sites or research and development laboratories. To this end, we organize regular audits by safety engineers.

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