The Observatory of innovation and transformation in the fashion, furniture and automotive markets 

An Observatory to fuel and enrich collective reflection

Lectra, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is a strategic partner to companies in the fashion, automotive and furniture industries.

The Group supplies them with software, equipment particularly for cutting fabric and leather, data management solutions, and associated services

As the pace of technological innovation accelerates and integration of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) into our business strategies becomes essential, we and our customers need more than ever to identify and decipher – or even anticipate – current and future changes.

The creation of the Lectra Observatory reflects our desire to contribute to this very necessary collective reflection

The Lectra Observatory’s work will focus as a priority on technological and industrial innovations, as well as on the economic, social and environmental transformation of the fashion, furniture and automotive markets. The work will be done in interaction with external experts, prioritizing an international approach.

It will be made available free of charge to everyone, to encourage discussion and the emergence of new collaboration opportunities.  

The Observatory's publications