Algopex: Gain control and improve cutting room performance

45 minutes

Automotive Cutting Room 4.0 webinar series: Episode 4/4

The last in a series of webinars focused on Automotive Cutting Room 4.0. Understand the concepts of this new technology, how it will benefit your business and the best way to implement it.

In today's hyper-competitive landscape, companies are rapidly evolving their cutting processes through digitalization. Watch our latest webinar, "Algopex: Boost production performance” as we explore the revolutionary impact of digital technology in your cutting room.


    Discover the 4.0 Advantage

    Learn how Algopex makes it easy to monitor and benchmark your production data to enhance the performance of your cutting room:

    • Real-time Monitoring: Gain insights across all manufacturing facilities, ensuring a deeper view of your operations.
    • Key Performance Indicators: Track essential metrics to benchmark production performance, facilitating data-driven decisions.
    • Improved production performance: Reduce waste, enhance product quality, improve delivery timelines, and fortify your company against unpredictable supply chain challenges.


    Revolutionize your cutting processes  

    This is your chance to lead in the digital age. Join our webinar and acquire invaluable insights into optimizing your cutting processes through digitalization. Boost efficiency, lower costs, and maximize profits. Seize the future of automotive manufacturing with real-time production data monitoring and benchmarking. 



    Access "Algopex: Gain control and improve cutting room performance" webinar