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5 paths to a greener future with Kubix Link

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, sustainability has emerged as a critical focal point for brands striving to create a positive impact. 

Redefining eco-conscious in fashion collection management:

Enter Kubix Link, a cutting-edge cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that stands at the forefront of redefining eco-conscious fashion.  

By empowering brands with comprehensive tools, Kubix Link reshapes the industry's approach to sustainability by measuring impact, reducing waste, and ensuring compliance across the entire supply chain. 

eco-conscious collection management

How Kubix Link as a cloud-based PLM solution leads the way in sustainable collection management 

1. Material traceability and responsible sourcing 

By interfacing with the best in class-dedicated traceability platforms, Kubix Link tracks and manages the lifecycle of materials utilized in garment production, providing brands with the ability to trace the origins of raw materials.

This ensures that materials are sourced from sustainable and ethical origins, promoting responsible sourcing practices within the fashion industry. 

2. Manufacturer compliance tracking for ethical practices 

Innovating the oversight of manufacturer compliance, Kubix Link automates checks for adherence to environmental standards and certifications.

Real-time updates and visual indicators simplify monitoring, fostering ethical practices seamlessly across the supply chain. 

3. Carbon footprint evaluation and PEF score 

Kubix Link utilizes a direct API connection to the French Government Site (Ecobalyse), a simulator for ecological impact calculation based on 16 major impacts.

This connection allows Kubix Link to provide a detailed environmental impact assessment by analyzing material types, energy usage, transportation distances, and production methods.

The streamlined approach assists brands in selecting eco-friendly materials and enables automated, precise PEF score calculations aligned with evolving regulations

4. Measuring CO2 impact and environmental accountability 

Kubix Link goes beyond standard assessments by calculating the CO2 impact for individual product.

Based on calculation methodology and extensive databases from external sources, it offers detailed CO2 emission reports, considering factors such as materials, manufacturing processes, transportation, and more. 

5. Waste management and production efficiency 

Through pattern and design enhancements, Kubix Link aids in reducing fabric waste during the production process.

Kubix Link when integrated with specific solutions like Modaris (Lectra's digital pattern-making software), Quick Estimate (Lectra's cost estimation tool), and Clo 3D (a 3D garment design software), it streamlines processes, reducing sampling costs, expediting development, and boosting profit margins within the fashion industry. 

Embrace Kubix Link today and embark on the journey towards a brighter, greener, and more impactful future in collection management!