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6 benefits of the cloud for furniture manufacturing

Personal file storage, real-time traffic information and automatic application updates are all possible because of the cloud. It has become an integral part of daily life, making it easier in ways never imagined.

6 benefits of the cloud for furniture manufacturing

It’s no different for furniture manufacturing companies. With cloud-based platforms, companies achieve gains in agility, speed, and visibility that, once experienced, will make it unimaginable to go back. 

Discover six advantages of cloud computing for furniture manufacturing process.

Will an internet outage create a production stoppage? Cutting jobs sent to the cutting room are stored and processed locally in the ‘buffer’. The customer decides the amount of cutting jobs stored in the buffer. The cutting line can continue to cut those jobs already processed in the buffer
Will my company have to reconfigure our existing IT infrastructure? No, the platform is designed to be compatible with standard IT infrastructures. IT pre-requisites for use of the platform are minimal, such as high-speed internet connection and a dedicated server.
Is my data secure? Lectra uses the Microsoft Azure platform to store data. Each company’s data is kept separate from those of other customers. Lectra always treats customer data as confidential. All data is encrypted. Lectra cannot access, use or share the information collected except as set forth in the Terms & Conditions.

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