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Corneliani offers the best in Italian luxury with Kubix Link

How to speed up production and stay premium without sacrificing quality and fit


Corneliani, the epitome of Italian elegance

Founded in 1930, Corneliani started off as an artisanal coat manufacturer to become a luxury powerhouse renowned for its timeless Italian elegance today. The brand is often associated with its “Made in Italy” label, so much so that it was awarded the Leonardo Prize for Quality by the President of Italy in 2005. Today, the company has 90 boutiques worldwide, distributes to over 70 countries and has a made-to-measure product line in addition to its ready-to-wear collections. Corneliani boasts a production output of 350 suits, 2000 shirts and pairs of pants a day.

When people think of Italian premium menswear, the name Corneliani immediately comes to mind. A luxury brand and manufacturer renowned for its well-cut suits and Italian know-how, Corneliani is an established household name with a loyal following. However, new e-commerce and fast-fashion players are saturating the marketplace today, shifting consumers’ attention away from the high-end to the low-cost and convenient. Instead of playing this never-ending game of catch-up, Corneliani decided to succeed on its own terms. They wanted to accelerate the entire design-to-production process through informed decision-making, but without cutting corners and sacrificing quality.

In meeting these objectives, firstly, they had to improve collaboration between team members and external suppliers through improved data quality to speed up production. Secondly, to safeguard quality, the company needed to protect its Italian savoir-faire, in terms of materials, fit, and cutting rules, by managing and reorganizing its extensive and complicated bill of material library. The chief information officer (CIO) and product manager of Corneliani were tasked with finding a solution that could help them achieve these goals and strengthen the brand’s image as an icon of Italian elegance by providing better omni-channel retail and product experiences.

Corneliani needed to accelerate the product lifecycle through better decision-making

Corneliani is renowned for its exacting standards on cut and material quality. After having cultivated a loyal following, the brand is now facing fierce competition from new e-commerce and fast-fashion players that are delivering products faster at lower prices.  To keep pace with the market, the company needed to accelerate the product lifecycle through better decision-making, but without sacrificing quality.

Kubix Link helped Corneliani by improving collaboration and enhancing data quality

Kubix Link, our plm software for fashion industry helped them achieve that by improving collaboration between team members and external suppliers through enhanced data quality.  Additionally, the solution enabled Corneliani to restructure its extensive and complicated bill of material library to protect its savoir-faire.

It all boils down to this: ease of use. Kubix Link makes our lives easier as we don't have to look for information and engage in tiresome email loops anymore. We can then focus on our tasks and speed up the production process.



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