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Damart decodes competitor assortment and pricing strategies with AI market intelligence

Retviews, the fashion benchmarking solution optimizes Damart’s collection-planning process with real-time insights on their competitors’ strategies.

Driving growth with automated competitive analysis 

Damart sought to improve its collection-planning process to better position product offerings in the fast-moving retail apparel market. Time-consuming manual competitor benchmarking prevented the company from gathering data fast enough to update its product mix in time to follow emerging trends.

To accelerate the analysis of competitor product assortment and pricing strategies, the company adopted AI-driven competitive intelligence.


Right prices, winning product assortments, optimized discount strategies and enhanced brand image

Choose AI-powered competitive intelligence data.

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Winning collections without the guesswork

Through the utilization of Retviews’ AI technology, Damart is efficiently tracking retail market data and the competitive landscape in real-time. Automating fashion benchmarking allows them to not only save time, but also guarantees the precision of insights, ultimately optimizing benchmarking efforts and refining retail strategies.

Using Retviews’ data Damart has also been able to respond more effectively to inflation, identify optimal price points, ensuring alignment with a competitive apparel market. AI-powered market intelligence enables brands to best understand competitor assortment strategies at a glance, to release the most relevant collections and foster growth by optimally managing pricing structures.

About Damart

French clothing brand Damart’s best-selling thermal wear range made a name for the company, which went on to diversify its product offering into men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel. True to Damart’s brand ethos, the company continues to offer functional clothing designs with innovative materials, expanding into numerous other categories.

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