Data Report: Use a competitive analysis tool to boost brand performance

Monitor your competitors' data in real-time with an AI-powered competitive intelligence tool for fashion

Find out how you can take advantage of competitors' data in real-time


Spending too much time on manual benchmarking? In today's fashion industry, staying competitive and quickly adapting are critical. So how can your brand get the right market fit and increase margins? 

Dive into this report to find out how you can use data intelligence to monitor competitor strategies in real-time and:  

  • Tackle Price Inflation
  • Optimize Your Discount Strategy
  • Spot Trend Opportunities 
  • Get the Right Assortment Mix 
  • Pinpoint the right price positioning 

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How can brands make confident decisions on where they are placing their bets?

The fashion industry is experiencing a widespread shift, and a large amount of pandemic-driven consequences. From supply chain disruptions to price inflation and the hike in raw material prices. Fashion brands and retailers are faced with the inevitable task of increasing consumer prices, considering the surge in costs. However, how can you comfortably raise prices to a large enough extent, without compromising on your brand's sales?

How can brands ensure that they are taking on the right pricing strategy, and overall hitting the right product that: they know will sell, won't result in excessive amounts of waste and will allow them to avoid discounting unnecessarily?

On the other hand, with the pace in which trends are evolving, how can brands make confident decisions on where they are placing their bets? How can they for example, make confident decisions on the spot regarding spring summer 2022 trends, to what extent should certain trends be appearing in their collection to ensure optimal Sell-Through and a hike in profits? 
These are the questions that have been crowding the minds of fashion brands from mass market players to premium and luxury brands alike - all sectors of the industry are asking themselves the same question: how can I monitor my competitors' strategies quickly, easily and with the most accuracy? 


Automated benchmarking to monitor competitors' strategies quickly, easily and with the most accuracy

The answer is simple: automated benchmarking. Thanks to Retviews, the AI-powered competitive intelligence platform for fashion brands and retailers - your brand can escape the uncertainty found around setting the optimal price for each product in each collection, you can avoid missing out on opportunities within your collection and always get the most relevant product that you know will sell, you can easily avoid unnecessary discounting and ultimately reduce waste.

Our fashion market analysis platform leverage the power of AI to allow your brand to take advantage of your competitors' data and pinpoint the ideal retail strategy to tackle the market and stay ahead of the competition with the right product, at the right price and the right time. With a tailor-made platform that is easy to use, and which allows your brand to get a 360 overview of your own positioning and see how it compares to your competitors, you can use precise and actionable data to optimize your own assortment, discount and pricing strategy. 
A competitive analysis tool allows you to say goodbye to the time-consuming task of manual benchmarking that often results in obsolete, unusable data. With access to real-time insights anytime and anywhere, your brand can spend less time searching for and collecting data - and more time doing. 

Dive into the free report to find out how your brand can get real-time, in-depth insights into your competitors' strategies and optimize performance, increase margins, and boost sales with Retviews.