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Increase the speed and efficiency of footwear production

Footwear's traditional, labor-intensive process can't keep up with the demands of today's consumers. With VectorFootwear iP6, you can take a big step forward in your modernization strategy.

The future of footwear

The athletic footwear market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.15% from 2021 – 2026, driven in part by the following trends:

  • Desire for a healthier, less sedentary lifestyle is propelling more consumers to take up physical activity
  • Increasing environmental consciousness is driving consumers to seek out footwear made with more sustainable materials
  • Growing demand for customized and premium shoes is driving a wide array of styling

To respond to these demands, footwear manufacturers are investing in digitalized process to manage the growing complexity of footwear manufacturing.

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Produce faster, profitably and sustainably with VectorFootwear

VectorFootwear solutions provide athletic footwear companies with a digital production process that enables them to streamline and accelerate the entire production process, from nesting to offloading.

There is a VectorFootwear solution for all types of production models—low volumes (VectorFootwear iX) and high volumes (VectorFootwear iX6 and VectorFootwear iP6)—and textiles that help manufacturers produce at optimal speed and efficiency so they can get products to market quickly.

The Industry 4.0-compliant solution allows companies to meet the highest quality standards with precise, speedy cutting of even the smallest pieces and most complex shapes, as well  as traditional (foam, mesh) and non-traditional textiles such as plastics or recycled materials.

With Lectra’s latest innovations for VectorFootwear, footwear manufacturers can meet brands’ and consumers’ sustainability requirements by reducing fabric waste, minimizing electric consumption, and adhering to the highest safety standards for workers.


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