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Kubix Link reinvents the Board

Use a 100% collaborative and visual approach to build your product assortment and pilot the development of your collection.

Kubix Link is a software solution designed specifically for the fashion industry that lets companies manage, in a single application, all product data generated across the production chain, from design to market.

Today, Kubix Link expertise now includes the all-new Kubix Link Board. 


Innovative and collaborative digital boards !

At the heart of the collection creation process, Kubix Link Board lets you digitalize your mood boards and better collect, consolidate and structure what inspires you. 
Collaborate visually on the same products and the same data - at the same time - to:

  • View progress on the collection.
  • Schedule group reviews and take decisions throughout the collection development process.
  • View product lines in real time.
  • Automatically generate roadmap visuals

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