One-piece vs bikini swimwear: What is the current trend?

Therefore, there is one must have that none of us misses during this period: the swimwear.

Key takeaways

  • Comfort in bikini is key compared to one-piece for swimwear, and Retviews data shows that there is an increase in terms of wireless bikini tops.

  • Prices have decreased in the swimsuit category compared to last year.

  • The trendiest colors, such as purple, are the most discounted and out-of-stock ones.


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Bikini swimwear: comfort is key

According to Retviews data, we have observed that the one-piece is slightly losing its share while bikinis are still the most purchased swimwear style. In terms of styling, sportswear and comfort are what ladies are aiming for. With an increase in the number of articles of wireless bras, the sporty style, and comfy bralettes are the most trendy this summer.



Swimear Market 2020 graph

Bottoms for bikini are gaining popularity as well. According to WGSN, we are going more and more towards swimwear that could be from the beach to the city. Thus, the data in the graph above also confirms this trend forecast.


Are our swimwear more expensive than last year?

In the luxury fashion market, the increase in prices has been all over the news lately. From Chanel to Gucci, fashion brands have increased their prices to cope with the decrease in demand amid Covid-19. However, this is not the case for the mass-market swimwear category.

Between 2019 and 2020, we can observe that the prices have visibly decreased for the most frequent prices. The highest decrease among the brands analyzed is coming from Etam and Victoria’s Secret, with almost 50% decrease in their most frequent prices.

Swimwear pricing evolution graph

Trendy colors: the most discounted ones?

According to Retviews data, we can see that the trendiest colors such as purple and its shades are among the most discounted colors.

Swimwear: color discounting graph

The graph below represents the relative growth of the discounted colors. Therefore, if one color has 50 articles and gets 30 articles discounted, the relative growth would be higher than if the color has 300 articles and gets 50 articles discounted. As we can see for the neutral color, the relative growth rate of discount is equal to almost 5%, which is way higher than black at 2.7%. At the same time, comfy and cozy colors such as beige and grey are also among the most discounted ones.

What can also be observed here is that these colors are also the ones with the highest out-of-stock level. As trendy colors are usually bought in lower quantities than basic ones due to their shorter lifespan, what we can assume is that there is a correlation between out-of-stock and colors. As the size availability could not be secured merchandisers have probably put those trendy colors in discount.

Swimwear: out of stock colors graph

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