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Record launch of the GPE group on Zalando thanks to Neteven

How the Générale pour l'enfant group launched on the Zalando marketplace in 1 month and in 6 countries thanks to Neteven

Neteven has allowed GPE to obtain a 7 digit NMV (Net Merchandise Value)

Neteven allowed the 3 GPE brands (Sergent Major, Du Pareil au Même, Natalys) to be integrated on the Zalando marketplace in record time. They were quickly published in 6 European countries and immediately aroused the interest of customers with high sales volumes. 

In 1 year of partnership, Neteven has allowed GPE to obtain a 7 digit NMV (Net Merchandise Value). After the success of this initial project on Zalando, GPE now plans to be present on other marketplaces to acquire new customers.


Neteven D2C retail on the world’s largest marketplaces

GPE, a French reference in children's fashion

The Générale pour l’enfant group (GPE), founded by Paul Zemmour, is a French leader in children’s fashion. It comprises 3 brands:

  • Sergent Major
  • Du Pareil au Même
  • Natalys

Sergent Major

Sergent Major has been designing unique clothing and accessories since 1987. The brand embodies the values of its founder: focusing on children’s fashion but also craftsmanship and style at affordable prices.

Du Pareil au Même

Created in 1986, Du Pareil au Même brings a breath of fresh air to children’s fashion with colorful clothing, iconic prints, and excellent value for money.


Natalys is the French leader in baby and toddler fashion. Founded in 1953, the brand is constantly reinventing itself in order to be as close as possible to the needs of families and continues to remain faithful to its values: authenticity, innovation and excellence.

The 3 brands now enjoy worldwide success due to high quality clothing and attention to detail, where each design highlights the values of the group.


Launch on Zalando in 1 month and increase sales

Integrate marketplaces into your e-commerce strategy to reach more consumers

In 2021, the group decided to change its e-commerce strategy and chose a channel that it had never used before: marketplaces.

In addition to the websites of its 3 brands, GPE aimed to diversify and harness the full potential of marketplaces to reach more consumers and therefore increase its sales.

Neteven to launch quickly on Zalando

The group's objective was to include as many products as possible to start selling as quickly as possible, a real challenge knowing the difficulties associated with integration on marketplaces.

The management of numerous data flows as well as the lack of time and knowledge, led the group to call on the expertise of Neteven.


Outlook : new marketplaces in GPE's e-commerce strategy

Neteven, partner of the largest national and international fashion marketplaces

In the future, the GPE group hopes to develop its presence on new marketplaces to showcase its 3 brands.

By positioning itself in new markets, the objective for GPE is to reach different audiences and acquire more fashion-oriented customers.

For this, the group can count on the recommendations and advice of Neteven, partner of the largest national and international fashion marketplaces, adapted to the positioning of the group's brands.

The connection of the Neteven platform to the largest marketplaces facilitates technical integration

GPE is confident about the technical integration on these new marketplaces as it knows that the Neteven platform is connected to those that represent future opportunities for the 3 brands.

Over the next few years, Neteven experts will continue to support the GPE group in its e-commerce strategy and at every stage of its growth on marketplaces.

Neteven’s tool is comprehensive and easy to use. We benefit from quality follow-up with our Customer Success Manager, who simplifies our day-to-day work and draws our attention to problems, enabling us to improve. It is valuable support.


Marketplace Manager, GPE

key figures GPE

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For GPE, the choice of Neteven among the competition was obvious. Neteven represented for the group an integrator with a strong reputation, recognized for its quality of support, partner of a large number of marketplaces and with whom it shared the same state of mind. From the beginning of the collaboration, GPE was able to count on the knowledge and advice of experts to launch the project.

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