Retviews fashion trend alert: no more bermudas?

May is the perfect transitional month: the weather is warming up, and it’s not cold spring anymore, but not summer yet.

Key takeaways

  • Fashion Trend Alert: Shorts are coming back strong — especially regular shorts rather than denim.
  • Men are going for more formal shorts this year over cargo styles.

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Shorts are back in a big way, a new fashion trend

As per usual, T-shirts and accessories are among the top categories in terms of new arrivals. Those two categories tend to dominate fashion retailers’ assortments for spring, and their dominance this month seems logical. Summer is starting to peek out from around the corner, and it is time to go from long-sleeved T-shirts to short sleeves, and trading lightweight scarves and beanies for sunglasses and caps. 


One category is coming on strong as well in May: SHORTS! In fact, shorts are ranked in the top four, with almost as many new arrivals as dresses. It’s not quite time to say goodbye to trousers and trade them in for shorts, but fashion retailers are preparing for their summer comeback.


Regular shorts take center stage for men and women 

Denim has always been a big wardrobe staple. It’s functional, versatile, and stylish — just about everyone has at least one piece of denim clothing in their closet. But the debate about denim shorts rages on. Will they be on-trend this season?


Retviews data shows us that among new arrivals, fashion retailers are focusing their assortments on regular shorts for both women and men. What could be the reason behind this? 
One reason could be that fashion houses are heavily promoting the oversized-blazer-with-shorts look on social media. Or, it could be that brands are taking a more sustainable approach, moving toward more earth-friendly fabrics than denim, which requires dying and processing.


Bye bye, bermudas: back to traditional shorts

The shorter, more traditional version of cargo shorts, Bermudas, dominated the menswear market in Summer 2020 — but the trend appears to have shifted for 2021.


Regular five-pocket shorts figure prominently in May’s new arrivals as a shorter alternative to the classic five-pocket trousers for men. Are fashion retailers signaling that we’re moving back toward more formal, classic looks for Summer ’21? 


Summer vibes are in the air

Though we’re not yet at the high peak of summer garments, May showed that fashion retailers are getting ready to welcome summer to their e-commerce and stores. 

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