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Tell consumers compelling stories with Kubix Link PIM

Create immersive product experiences, work together better, and speed up the go-to-market process with a fashion-specific PIM solution

What is Kubix Link PIM?

 A product information management (PIM) system allows users to collect, enrich and publish product information to a variety of sales channels. Kubix Link is a unique, all-in-one cloud solution that incorporates PLM and PIM capabilities to allow fashion companies to go from sketch-to-sales with one platform. With 70% of data used in a PIM solution coming from a PLM, Kubix Link’s built-in PLM capabilities provide a significant competitive advantage.

Kubix Link PIM provides fashion teams with a collaborative, centralized platform that breaks communication silos between teams and helps them make the most of their product information to tell compelling stories that engage consumers and drive sales. 


Deliver an information-rich shopping experience with Kubix Link PIM

Manage all product information in one location

  • Easily manage massive volumes of product data with a simplified, streamlined information collection process
  • Guarantee that stakeholders always have accurate, up-to-date information by collecting and organizing all product content in a single, centralized repository
  • Improve data quality and dramatically reduce errors with automatic information syncing between all systems and users connected to the platform

Enhance the efficiency of the enrichment process

  • Assure an efficient, collaborative enrichment process with concurrent workflows, real-time contributions and information completeness monitoring
  • Ensure information is always accurate and compliant  with sales channel requirements using channel-specific filters
  • Boost growth in international markets with easy information localization, such as currencies, sizes, care labels, etc

Provide a seamless omnichannel experience

  • Ensure consumers always see accurate product information with automated real-time updates on all channels whenever product descriptions are modified in PIM
  • Manage multiple sales and marketing channels (e-commerce, print, mobile applications, social networks, marketplaces…) with one solution
  • Select relevant catalog and data to publish on each channel according to the site’s specs

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