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“We believe that machine maintenance should be put in the hands of professionals, so we can focus entirely on the production process.”


Hebei-based Tongtai Infant Finery Co., Ltd has been a major player in the Chinese childrenswear sector since its early beginnings in 1986. The company has 500 stores worldwide and an annual production capacity of over 30 million garments, accessories, and baby care products.


The Chinese childrenswear market has grown exponentially because of the country’s emerging middle class and adoption of its two-child policy. Facing harsh competition from an onslaught of new brands entering the market, Tongtai Infant Finery Co., Ltd had to strengthen its position as a key industry player by meeting increasing consumer demand within shorter time frames. The company decided to invest in machine maintenance for its automated cutting room in order to reduce machine downtime while handling larger-volume orders and increasing its production speed.


Tongtai has transitioned successfully to a fully automated cutting room, thanks to the 14 Vectors they have implemented. The company engaged in a Lectra Power Advanced service subscription, which offers real-time support and maintenance for these machines, improving machine availability and providing best-in-class machine uptime while reducing manufacturing disruption. This two-pronged investment approach in both technology and maintenance has helped the company keep up with the growing market demand by dramatically reducing time to market and enabling them to produce more.

“Ever since we bought our first Vector, the idea of turning to other vendors has never crossed our minds.”

Li Shuangrui

Vice President, Tongtai Infant Finery Co., Ltd

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