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United Creations hits new production targets with cloud-based, automated nesting

Facing higher demand, to increase productivity and fabric savings, United Creations uses Flex Offer by Lectra for multiple marker-processing.

United Creations L.L.C


Based in Jordan, United Creations L.L.C is part of Alpine Group, a leading manufacturer in knits, apparel and textiles, started its operations in 2001 with a global manufacturing network that spans over a transparent and vertically integrated supply chain. With factories across the globe, they are able to serve any apparel-manufacturing need.


The need to increase profitability and productivity in product development  

Facing higher demand, the company needed to accelerate their production speed and increase its productivity to meet increasingly tight deadlines, while improving its fabric savings and profitability. However, with a locally hosted nesting system, they had to grapple with several marker-making constraints.  

Integrating Gerber AccuMark with Flex Offer by Lectra to get the best of both worlds 

United Creations has been already automating its marker-making process with Gerber AccuNest. To overcome its workload limitations and increase productivity, Lectra recommended  integrating its current solution with  Flex Offer by Lectra, and provided quality services and timely training for operational effectiveness.  


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Saving 24 hours in costing with Flex Offer by Lectra  

With Gerber AccuNest, United Creations could only process one marker at a time and run costing markers simultaneously for up to five minutes. They were not operating at maximum efficiency, being limited by this time constraint.  Flex Offer by Lectra came with multiple marker-making tracks like Urgent, Standard and Strategic, allowing marker makers to prioritize their marker lists and handle sudden activity peaks. As they can choose between 1, 4  and 12-hour processing on the strategic track, they can now calculate their fabric consumption faster, thus saving almost a day in costing for customers. Thanks to increased accuracy and efficiency, they have managed to save one percent more of their fabric. 

United Creations and Lectra: The way forward 

United Creations has already taken its first steps in automation with Gerber in 2001.  Spurred by the recent merger between Lectra and Gerber and its satisfaction with the results of this software integration, the company plans to further align itself with the newly formed group by upgrading the rest of its solutions.  

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