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Auchan revolutionizes its pricing analysis, thanks to Retviews

With Retviews, Lectra’s competitive intelligence platform for fashion, Auchan is able to easily monitor market prices and adapt its own strategy, staying on top of industry changes.

Auchan is exploring the digital to enhance its pricing and assortment analysis 

Auchan is a French multinational retail group and one of the world’s largest retailers with a prominent presence in France, Poland, and Spain, among other leading countries. Despite a leading focus on physical stores, Auchan is exploring the digital, and has been able to enhance its pricing and assortment analysis thanks to Retviews.


Boosting resilience in the fashion industry

One of the world’s largest retailers, Auchan has been putting forward its core values of quality, accessibility, and sustainability in its “fair-to-wear” brand Inextenso. With a driving force of creating affordable apparel for the whole family, Auchan found the need for a tool that would allow its teams to easily monitor competitors’ data, align its own strategy and enhance performance. With Retviews, Auchan is using real-time competitive intelligence to analyze data efficiently and stay ahead of industry changes.

The current state of retail is surrounded by challenges, from supply chain issues and pandemic-driven consequences to global turmoil, affecting all sectors of the fashion industry. Auchan had already been faced with the inefficiency of manual benchmarking, which was made significantly more difficult during pandemic lockdowns. The French retailer’s merchandising, buying, and styling teams all use Retviews throughout these challenges, and are able to make faster decisions, adapt assortments and pricing strategies, thus minimizing losses.

As the industry is changing, Auchan was able to use Retviews’ real-time data to boost inclusive sizing. Getting a close look at competitors’ sizing structure gave Auchan’s teams the insight they needed – that they were missing out on teen clients. With the data insight, Auchan quickly adapted and developed a teen collection, allowing them to significantly improve lead time and remain competitive.

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“Retviews revolutionized our pricing analysis. With Retviews, analysis takes much less time than before. We can access complete dashboards in 2-3 clicks and we are much more flexible.”

Marion Fouque Kidswear Textile Offer Leader

Revolutionized pricing analysis

As a mass market retailer, Auchan’s leading focus is on keeping its prices low. In order to remain competitive and not lose out on sales, Auchan had to start spending more time doing and less time collecting data, which was the inevitable, time-consuming consequence of manual benchmarking.

Retviews allowed Auchan to put behind the burden of manual benchmarking, focus on analyzing data, and making concrete, data-based decisions. Extracting data in just a few clicks and giving an in-depth look at the product behind each price with Retviews, made pricing analysis more intuitive and visual for Auchan. Thanks to Lectra’s automated competitive analysis solution, Auchan can closely follow competitors’ assortments and get the right pricing strategy – maximizing margins. 


A tailor-made solution

The fashion industry is anything but static, and as it constantly changes, so do a brand’s needs. Providing brands with a fully tailor-made experience, Retviews’ flexibility has allowed Auchan to adjust its project scope through time, based on its teams’ specific needs. A customizable tool that is constantly evolving with new features, coupled with extensive client support, Retviews gives Auchan the opportunity to remain competitive, with all the latest data tools, workshops, and consistent communication.

Staying ahead of a changing industry is key, and access to real-time data on your competitors’ strategies is essential in remaining competitive. Thanks to Retviews, the cloud-based competitive analysis platform for fashion, Auchan is able to pinpoint the ideal positioning for its assortment, adjust accordingly and get the right pricing strategy.

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