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Does cutting speed really matter?

Fast machine cutting speed isn’t enough to ensure maximum throughput. 

That is why Lectra’s new Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order was developed with a focus on reducing cycle time and accelerating cutting speed.


High cutting speed ensures faster throughput and faster time to market. It seems obvious, but is it true? High cutting speeds alone won’t ensure maximum process efficiency. That’s why Lectra’s new Cutting Room 4.0 for made-to-order production was developed to reduce cycle time and accelerate cutting speed. 

Speed  matters, but it’s not a strategy . By looking at cycle time, you increase visibility and can make data-driven decisions that optimize  efficiency and, ultimately, profitability. In addition, the new solution cuts up to 120 meters per minute, with an acceleration of 1.2G and perfect cut quality. 


Download our infographic to find out how the brand-new furniture manufacturing solution improves process efficiency, maximizes throughput and ensures quality.