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Don’t miss out on fashion trends: monitor competitor strategies and spot trends in real-time

Your brand can use an AI-powered competitive analysis platform to detect the industry’s hottest trends and release collections that you know will sell. Stay ahead of the curve with Retviews.

Are you defining consumer trends too early? Trends are changing faster than ever, emerging, and fading away just as quickly. How can you improve lead time, stop missing out on key trend opportunities, and get the right collection?

Detecting trends can be quick and easy. Fashion brands and retailers are leveraging the power of AI data analytics with an automated competitive intelligence tool, to monitor their competitors’ assortment strategies in real-time and keep track of what items and colors are being added to collections.

Y2K fashion, aesthetics, micro trends, how can your brand keep up?

The fashion industry is experiencing a widespread shift that has also driven a change in how trends evolve. With the popularity of TikTok, micro trends are coming to light and disappearing just as quickly. The concept of aesthetics has also become prevalent; dark academia, old money aesthetic, coastal grandmother, avant apocalypse, gorpcore and princesscore all being a part of the past year’s hottest trends.

So, how can a brand handle today’s fast-paced trend cycle? Being able to adapt quickly is essential, to remain relevant. Knowing exactly what pieces to put forward, where to place your bets and get a product that will sell every single time is crucial. Retviews, the automated competitive analysis platform for fashion allows brands and retailers to do exactly that, in real-time.


The automated solution to nailing your product mix

See what products your competitors are adding to their collections

Retviews, the AI-powered competitive analysis platform for fashion allows brands to eliminate the guesswork of manual benchmarking and get right to the data behind competitors’ strategies. Brands can get an in-depth look at what items competitors are adding to their collections in real-time, right down to the fabric composition and description of the product.

Being able to see which categories have increased the most within brands’ collections allows your brand to stay ahead of the curve and react quickly to changing trends. Being able to make fast, data-based decisions will allow your brand to get the right product to market faster and avoid missing out on a key trend. 

Spot the hottest colors in your competitors’ collections

In addition to knowing what items to release, and when exactly to release them, your brand needs to stay on top of the hottest colors on the market, to release the product you know shoppers will want.

With Retviews you no longer need to make assumptions on what the hottest trends are, as the platform’s tailor-made dashboards allow your brand to see exactly what colors competitors are adding to their collections, at specific points in time.

Sell the right product, reduce waste, and maximize profitability

When benchmarking your competitors manually, by the time you analyze the data that you gathered on their collections, the trends may already be irrelevant. If you are selling neutral-colored maxi skirts, at a time when orange and pink miniskirts are on trend, your product is likely to remain on the shelf. Not only that, but your brand will also have an overflow of unsold goods and therefore generate waste.  

An automated competitive intelligence platform will allow your brand to stay ahead of the curve, keep a close eye on competitors’ collections and spot the hottest trends in real-time. You will be able to get the right product to market, minimize the amount of unsold goods and thus reduce waste, contributing to a more sustainable collection lifecycle.

Without access to AI-powered real-time. data, you may be producing the most sustainable collection on the market in terms of fabric and production processes, but if your product does not hit the market perfectly, it will go to waste.


Stay ahead of trends with data intelligence 

Different generations of shoppers have brought back different eras of style. Millennial shoppers’ preference for 90s fashion differs from Gen Z’s fascination with Y2K fashion, meaning that pinpointing the right trend also depends on your core audience. Since Gen Z is expected to make up the largest portion of the consumer market – their approach to trends shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

Being the TikTok generation, where trends are there one week and gone the next, known as “aesthetics” or “cores”, it should be of no surprise to anyone that brands are having a hard time keeping up with trend cycles. From “avant apocalypse” and “gorpcore” to “coastal grandmother” and “old money” aesthetics, brands need to position themselves and be ready to adapt as needed.
Thanks to a tool like Retviews, brands can monitor their competitors’ data in real-time and keep a close eye on their collections. You can see where they are placing their bets, how they are pricing and discounting key categories, all in just a few clicks. Forget worrying about defining trends too early and missing the mark, Retviews has you covered.