E-commerce, a vector of growth for the beauty industry

By 2026, global e-commerce sales in the beauty sector are expected to reach $358.4 billion. Apart from the pandemic, which significantly boosted online sales, how can we explain the digital transformation of the sector?

The beauty sector is successfully establishing itself in e-commerce

Unquestionably, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the change in consumer habits in every sector. Forced to buy online, consumers developed new habits and were won over in large numbers by the omnichannel shopping experience.

Besides the pandemic, one of the reasons for the beauty industry’s move towards e-commerce is the fact that modern consumers now favor digital experiences.


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Digital natives know that they can receive almost the same “real” experience online as in store (particularly through personalized recommendations, product tests, etc.). According to Euromonitor International’s Survey in 2020, 34% of consumers are buyers of “digital” beauty products.


Beauty product consumers are increasingly turning to e-commerce

It seems that online shopping habits are here to stay, paving the way for a world based around new digital channels that meet new consumer expectations.

In the case of the beauty sector, consumers feel increasingly at ease buying products and treatments online. When asked what are the main advantages of shopping online (compared to visiting a store), 64% mention convenience, 48% time saved, 43% minimal social contact, 36% the variety and choice available, and 32% lower prices.


Which channel should be prioritized to reach consumers?

In the face of growing consumer demand, marketplaces are gradually taking beauty on board, offering their customers a wide selection of products.

With their customer-centered approach (customer service, delivery options, payment options, guarantees, etc.), marketplaces have an active and loyal customer portfolio and offer a different consumer experience than physical stores.

For brands wanting to develop their online activity, marketplaces offer high quality referencing and marketing as well as access to millions of potential customers.


How do you easily market your products on marketplaces?

The solution that facilitates e-commerce for beauty brands.

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