GANNI's Strategy

The Scandinavian "cool girl" brand at an accessible price.

Key takeaways

  • GANNI has the largest assortment of dresses and patterns in its assortment, emulating a feminine yet laid-back Scandinavian style.
  • Within premium brands, GANNI stands at a lower price point, remaining accessible.
  • GANNI holds a large portion of its footwear assortment in boots, namely the trendy rubber boots, as well as loafers.
Retviews Ganni Blog Article Premium Brands Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style has a strong foothold in the fashion industry today, namely with Copenhagen Fashion Week becoming one of the most popular fashion moments of the year. One of the it-brands that perfectly emulates the coveted  effortless Scandinavian style is GANNI. Starting off as a small Danish cashmere label and becoming the cult brand that defines Scandinavian style as we know it today. Emerging during the rise of social media, GANNI saw its rise with its social media presence but the brand is continuously evolving and staying ahead of its competitors, with new business models and addressing sustainability early on.

L. Catterton, the LVMH-backed private equity firm acquired a majority stake in GANNI in 2017, further bolstering the brand into the global market. Showcasing significant growth in the past few years, GANNI managed to increase its revenue by 1.3% in 2020, despite the results being low compared to the brand’s usual average growth prior to the pandemic. Where the fashion industry suffered during the pandemic, GANNI outperformed its competitors. How does GANNI stay ahead of the competition and thrive, where other brands struggle?

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Taking the lead in dresses

The cult brand perfectly emulates the laid-back yet chic demeanour of Scandinavian girls and is gaining traction worldwide, with the US currently being one of its most valuable markets and growth emerging in markets such as South Korea and Australia. Strategically placing stores where the brand’s so-called “Ganni Girls” are, GANNI is catering to each market’s tastes, personalizing service and collaborating with local businesses. With GANNI’s global presence and popularity, what lies behind its assortment strategy?

Retviews Data Assortment Analysis Ganni Premium Scandinavian Brand Retviews Analysis

Retviews data indicates that in comparison with leading premium brands such as Acne Studios, Isabel Marant and The Kooples, GANNI takes the lead in the dress category, with an assortment share of 19%. The brand has a wide array of dresses within its collection, the item being one of the key factors in the brand’s representation of the effortless Scandinavian style, in particular “ the laid-back and feminine style - pairing sneakers with floaty dresses” a style that has identified the brand and GANNI dresses, which the brand regularly revisits with new colors and patterns. 

Retviews Data Analysis Fabric Pattern Mix Ganni Scandinavian Style

One of the most prominent factors within GANNI’s collections is the presence of funky and fun patterns, which can be seen in 43% of its assortment, from its dresses and skirts to its shirts. Patterns significantly differentiate GANNI from its competitors such as fellow Scandinavian brand, Acne Studios or The Kooples and Isabel Marant, who have a smaller rate of patterned clothing within their womenswear collections, as Retviews data indicates.


The "sweet spot" pricing strategy

Where other successful premium brands such as Acne Studios and Isabel Marant have raised prices in the past, GANNI indicates a price strategy which offers trendy and unique products, at an accessible price point, a vision which has proven to be successful with the brand’s prominent growth in recent years. So how strongly does the brand’s pricing strategy differ from competitors? Is there an obvious difference in the prices of popular premium brands?

Retviews Data Pricing Strategy Analysis Ganni Scandinavian Brand

Retviews data looks at a brand’s pricing strategy and how it fares when compared with competitors. GANNI in particular showcases its “mid-range” pricing as a premium brand, with maximum and most frequent price points that are lower than fellow Scandinavian brand Acne Studios as well as French brands Isabel Marant and The Kooples. Entry-level pricing however remains relatively similar among premium brands.

On the lower price range of premium brands, GANNI remains an accessible trendsetter worldwide, further boosting the brand’s success and popularity with a wide range of today’s consumers.


Keeping a focus on boots and loafers

Within GANNI’s assortment, the largest category present is accessories, of which footwear makes up a substantial 20%. Sneakers are a prominent part of the footwear industry today, as comfort is still a priority within consumers’ purchasing decisions. The popular shoe is also largely present in premium brands’ assortments; however, this is not the case for GANNI.

Retviews Data Analysis Footwear Assortment Mix Premium Brands Ganni Acne Studios Isabel Marant The Kooples, different footwear categories

Retviews data on the footwear assortment mix of popular premium brands indicates that GANNI holds the largest assortment share within the loafer category, making up 15% of its footwear assortment. Loafers being one of the hottest shoes throughout the past few seasons, having a wide range of the trendy shoe in its assortment, at an accessible price, could be giving GANNI a competitive advantage over other premium brands.

GANNI goes head-to-head with its competitors in the boot category, which makes up 49% of its footwear assortment, whereas over 50% of Isabel Marant’s footwear assortment is dedicated to boots. Where GANNI could be coming out on top is within the rubber boots category, as 91% of GANNI’s boot assortment consists of rubber boots or rubber sole boots as seen through Retviews’ data. Rubber boots are among the brand’s cult products, and a shoe which has become prominent in recent years, thanks to trendsetting brands like GANNI and luxury brands such as Bottega Veneta. 


GANNI's minimal assortment

GANNI’s recent focus has been on downsizing its collections, with smaller drops and capsule collections on a more frequent basis, consisting of fewer products and thus minimizing waste. This falls in line with the brand’s sustainability efforts which include a collection made of upcycled materials called “ReCut” and a rental platform, among other initiatives in becoming a more responsible brand.

Retviews Data Analysis Assortment Size Premium Brands Ganni Scandinavian Brand Acne Studios, Isabel Marant and The Kooples

In comparison with popular premium brands, GANNI has the smallest assortment with 1678 items in its collection, quite a smaller amount than that of its competitors, within the womenswear sector alone. It is also worth noting that where GANNI is solely focused on womenswear, its counterparts offer both womenswear and menswear.

This further sets GANNI apart from its competitors, as premium brand Acne Studios has a significantly larger total assortment for men and women, of 4291 items, and The Kooples and Isabel Marant are not far behind, with 3714 and 2756 items respectively, as Retviews data indicates. The small assortment size and focus on smaller collections allows the brand to differentiate its offer throughout the year and consistently attract and engage with shoppers, whilst limiting unsold items.


A brand to be reckoned with

GANNI has showcased its power within the fashion industry throughout the past few years, with impressive growth which it sustained throughout the global pandemic and its ability to create trendy pieces which emulate effortless Scandinavian style, at an accessible price point. With a vision for a sustainable future, GANNI is able to target the younger generation whose focus lies in a more conscious mindset and who will make up a significant portion of the future apparel market. Keeping these factors in mind, GANNI is a premium brand to be reckoned with. The question is, how will the brand evolve with its trendsetting nature - will we see a broader range of products in the future or will the brand keep its focus on the key products in each category.

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