GÉMO harnesses the power of AI with Retviews

Goodbye to outdated data and hello to AI-powered competitive intelligence. By teaming up with Lectra’s Retviews benchmarking solution for the fashion industry, GÉMO is able to work with real-time data to stay above competitors’ strategies and fully optimize collections

A cutting-edge AI partner for better decisions

GÉMO’s business model relies on affordability and sustainability in the fashion industry. By providing accessible yet trendy clothing for the whole family, while also prioritizing responsible sourcing and eco-friendly practices, GÉMO has positioned itself as a leading brand in the industry. With Retviews, the French brand is able to collect data and gain a better understanding of current trends and which pricing strategies are most effective. Provided with this information, GÉMO is able to make better decisions when it comes to product assortment, discounts, and pricing.


The tailor-made benchmarking platform

For GÉMO, the integration of Retviews has been a game-changer. Before using the solution, teams spent a considerable amount of time on manual benchmarking, collecting data that was often very quickly outdated. By integrating Retviews, GÉMO gained access to real-time insights into its competitors' pricing and assortment strategies.
Not only has the French family brand been able to revolutionize its benchmarking, but GÉMO has also been able to count on the Retviews’ customer team for extensive support and a tailor-made experience.
Collaboration within GÉMO’s teams has also been enriched as, with the help of Retviews’ data, the 40-plus users exchange best practices to work better together and optimize processes.

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Retviews is an accessible, flexible and user-friendly tool that gives us a view on the entirety of the product lifecycle.


Collection Director, GEMO

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