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How to become a market leader in the uniform industry

Leverage this market’s growth through automated small-batch production.

Four major growth drivers of the uniform industry

This industry is a booming segment that is predicted to expand at a CAGR of around 5% from 2018-2025. Its four major growth drivers are identified as:

  • A bigger focus on pre-elementary and elementary education
  • The service industry boom
  • The rising importance of healthcare and social assistance
  • More government spending on military

The biggest challenges of uniform production

To capitalize on this growth, fashion companies must be ready to work with new and innovative textiles to offer durable, well-fitting, and wearable uniforms to their consumers, while ensuring that they are presentable. Firstly, they need to overcome three major challenges:

  • Complex fabric management
  • Offering more product variety in smaller batches
  • Getting the right fit faster

Manufacturers can surmount these obstacles easily once they are equipped with the right automated cutting technology. This will enable them to be faster and more agile in handling small-batch production for standard and/or made-to-measure garments.

Fashion On Demand by Lectra allows us to create well-adapted and customized patterns. The solution also provides extensive flexibility: we can send the patterns to the cutter, select the cutting orders, and even group them by fabric type and detect defects. This improves overall performance
and generates productivity gains of around 7%.

Stéphane Quiniou

Deputy Managing Director, Operations Groupe Marcke & Balsan

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