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How advanced equipment and cloud-based technology can help improve the protective wear industry’s overall efficiency

Discover how the protective wear industry can lean on technology solutions to stay proactive toward the future

Improving capacity and minimizing labor demands

The increase in on-demand production within the protective wear industry has many industry professionals looking for new solutions to old challenges, with many embracing technology and automation as the way forward.

Protective wear is designed to help safeguard some of the hardest working people in America, but producing these products continues to be labor intensive, costly and require a highly skilled workforce.

Contending with these problems on a normal day is already challenging, much less contending with them during a crisis. Leaning forward to identify comprehensive solutions that can improve capacity, efficiency and precision while minimizing labor demands is essential.


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Current challenges and a strategic approach

Long-standing experts or local SMEs are in many cases essential but can also present as a roadblock for improved efficiency. Sharing the knowledge these SMEs have across the organization, particularly in real-time, is one approach that cannot just improve efficiency—but also improve continuity efforts.

Improving the ability to self-sustain operations with minimal reliance on external or uncontrollable factors is essential in this fast-growing market segment.

Technology as a solution

Bringing in advanced equipment and cloud-based technology can help provide system integration, help improve collaboration and overall efficiency. From planned cuts, to minimizing waste and improving accuracy—technology solutions have enough benefits that many see a very rapid ROI along with improved capacity for the future.

Technology like Lectra’s Virga can also provide on-demand fashion solutions across the entire organization. By taking employee knowledge and basing it in the cloud, the entire team can now visualize a product, be on the same page, and make exact cuts while improving efficiency. This investment not only shapes operations now but also positions companies better for the future. 

It is always important to be looking ahead in business, and all signs seem to point to the importance of incorporating automation and advanced technology. Leaning forward and being among the early adopters of technology innovations will better position most any company to surmount the challenges the future may bring.


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